Water Polo Men: Day 1: CAN 17 RSA 11

BCN2013 - Water Polo

CAN vs RSAIn the battle of the Commonwealth nations, Canada emerged the victor after a stirring tussle with South Africa. Canada looked like the better team and with centre forward Nicolas Constantin-Bicari in outstanding form, held out for the victory. South Africa lacked the finesse on passing, especially, but still produced some excellent shots.

South Africa lost star shooter Ryan Bell early in the third period to three major fouls after a three-goal effort and when the score was 8-6 against. The real action came in the third period where a staggering 11 goals kept the secretary busy. The frenetic torrent of goals lifted the score from 6-5 at halftime to 13-9.

South Africa pulled one back but Canada stretched the margin to 15-10 with less than four minutes remaining — a gap too wide to bridge — and on to 17-11.
For the second game of the day, an assistant coach was standing as the declared head coach. Assistant Brad Rowe, head coach of the South African women’s team took over the reins from Paul Martin, who sat on the bench.

Match 4: 12:10, Group B, CANADA 17 SOUTH AFRICA 11
Quarters: 4-2, 2-3,7-4, 4-2
Referees: Nenad Golijanin (SRB), Masoud Rezvani (IRI).
Extra Man: CAN: 5/8. RSA: 3/8
Pens: CAN: 3/3. RSA: 0/1
CANADA: Robin Randall, Constantine Kudaba, Oliver Vikalo (4), Nicolas Constantin-Bicari (4), Justin Boyd (2), Scott Robinson, Alec Taschereau (1), Kevin Graham (3), Devon Diggle (2), John Conway (1), Luka Gasic, Jared McElroy (1), Ivan Marcisin. Head Coach: Alex Beslin.
SOUTH AFRICA: Dwayne Flatscher, Etienne Le Roux (2), Devon Card (3), Ignardus Badenhorst, Nicholas Rodda, Jason Kyte (1), Richard Downes, Ryan Bell (3), Dean Whyte, Pierre Le Roux (1), Nicholas Molyneux, Adam Kajee, Donn Stewart. Head Coach: Paul Martin.


Scott Robinson (CAN):
“We have played very strongly today. I felt good. We can wish the best to South Africa for the rest of the competition.”
Justin Boyd (CAN):

“It is our first game. We are getting into it. We are looking forward to the rest of the tournament.”
Donn Stewart (RSA):
“It was a good game. I enjoyed it very much. It was a very physical game. We have to train and work more.”
Adam Kajee (RSA):
“We played well until the third period. Then we slept away, anyway we did pretty well.”