Water Polo Women, Day 1: CAN 14 GBR 9

BCN2013 - Water Polo

CAN vs GBRCanada may have missed competing at the last two Olympic Games while Great Britain competed in London last year for eighth place, but it was the Maple Leafs who shone through today. The match certainly had the large British supporter base enthralled. Goals were traded to 2-2 and Canada went two up with goals either side of the first break, but Britain was not to be denied.

Three stirring goals lifted Britain equal then one past Canada with just over two minutes remaining in the half. The score shone appealing light on the British. However, three Canadian goals in 77 seconds caught Britain unawares and the halftime score was 7-5 in favour of the North American team.

There did not appear to be any nervousness with these teams as they rattled in more goals in the third period, Great Britain drawing to 9-8 behind before Canada went 11-8 ahead by the final break.

Canada went to 13-8; Ciara Gibson-Byrne netted her fourth goal for 13-9 and Canada completed the scoring through captain Alogbo with a neat centre-forward turn — her fourth as well.

For a first match by both teams, it was a good showing and bodes well for the tournament.

The match also marked the third country for which Great Britain coach Paul Metz has controlled the national team — New Zealand, Netherlands and Great Britain.

Match 6: 17:30, Group C, CANADA 14 GREAT BRITAIN 9
Quarters: 3-2, 4-3, 4-3, 3-1
Referees: Daniel Flahive (AUS), German Moller (ARG)
Extra Man: CAN: 4/6. GBR: 3/5
Pens: CAN: 1/1.

CANADA: Michele Relton, Krystina Alogbo (4), Katrina Monton (1), Emma Wright (3), Monika Eggens, Sophie Baron La Salle (1), Joelle Bekhazi (2), Dominique Perrault, Carmen Eggens, Christine Robinson (2), Stephanie Valin (1), Marina Radu, Nicola Colterjohn. Head Coach: Guy Baker.
GREAT BRITAIN: Rosemary Morris, Chloe Wilcox (2), Fiona McCann, Ciara Gibson-Byrne (4), Ainee Hoy, Claire Nixon, Lisa Gibson, Hazel Musgrove (3), Peggy Etiebet, Angela Winstanley-Smith, Francesca Clayton, Kathryn Fowler, Jade Smith. Head Coach: Paul Metz.


Emma Wright (CAN):
“We played a good game. I’m really excited to be here because it’s a great opportunity although the game was really hard. At some moments of the game we played at the same level as our rivals but were able to improve our offensive game to win.”

Jade Smith (GBR):
“We are a little disappointed about the match today. We should talk about what we did wrong today and try to improve for the future. ”

Peggy Etiebet (GBR):
“We had a challenge, we made a great effort, but we’ll try to make it better the next time.”