Doping Control Rules 2009-2013

Doping Control Samples shall be analysed in accordance with the following principles:

DC 6.1 Use of Approved Laboratories

For purposes of DC 2.1, FINA and its Member Federations shall send Doping Control Samples for analysis only to WADA-accredited laboratories or as otherwise approved by WADA. The choice of the WADA-accredited laboratory (or other laboratory or method approved by WADA) used for the Sample analysis shall be determined exclusively by FINA for Testing conducted by FINA, and by the Member Federation for Testing conducted by the Member Federation.

DC 6.2 Purpose of Collection and Analysis of Samples

Samples shall be analyzed to detect Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods identified on the Prohibited List and other substances as may be directed by WADA pursuant to the Monitoring Program described in Article 4.5 of the Code or to assist in profiling relevant parameters in a Competitor’s urine, blood or other matrix, including DNA or genomic profiling, for anti-doping purposes.

[Comment to DC 6.2: For example, relevant profile information could be used to direct Target Testing or to support an anti-doping rule violation proceeding under DC 2.2 (Use or Attempted Use of a Prohibited Substance), or both.]

DC 6.3 Research on Samples

No Sample may be used for any purpose other than as described in DC 6.2 without the Competitor’s written consent. Samples used for purposes other than DC 6.2. shall have any means of identification removed such that they cannot be traced back to a particular Competitor.

DC 6.4 Standards for Sample Analysis and Reporting

Laboratories shall analyze Doping Control Samples and report results in conformity with the International Standard for Laboratories.

DC 6.5 Retesting Samples

A Sample may be reanalyzed for the purpose of DC 6.2 at any time exclusively at the direction of FINA or WADA. The circumstances and conditions for retesting Samples shall conform with the requirements of the International Standard for Laboratories. FINA may direct that all or particular Samples be stored for up to eight years for possible retesting.