High Diving competition presented at magnificent venue: Port of Barcelona

BCN2013 - High Diving

open water & high diving public tribunesHigh Diving, discipline that is making its debut as an event at the 15th FINA World Championships, was presented at the Royal Barcelona Yacht Club on July 16, 2013. The installation of the provisional diving tower, which will be set up at the Port of Barcelona (Moll de la Fusta), will conclude on 19 July, day of the BCN2013 Opening Ceremony. Two platforms (27 and 20-meters) will be set up for the spectacular event.

The daring competition is open to the public and the fans will witness the fearless divers flying through the air for three seconds at 90km/h.

“The World Championships will be remembered for its great images. Apart from the conventional diving competition, with the Barcelona skyline in the background, we will add striking images that will help promote our city,” said Enric Bertran, president of the Catalan Swimming Federation.

The world’s best athletes, who are competing at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, will be the big stars of the magnificent show, which will feature impressive stunts from a 27-meter platform. The bravest high divers will also compete in the women’s category, performing dives from an 20-meter platform. In total, 14 men and six women will make High Diving history as pioneers at the FINA World Championships.

Four scuba divers, two jet skis and one boat will provide sufficient security measures for the high divers at the Port of Barcelona.

base of the 27m high diving tower - credit: Jorge Andreu/RFEN
base of the 27m high diving tower - credit: Jorge Andreu/RFEN

Christian Cirera, Barcelona 2013 Venue Manager of Moll de la Fusta, confirmed that the provisional tower will be installed on 19 July, one day before the men’s and women’s 5K open water swimming event will be held at the same competition venue. Latest tests have shown that the waters in the Port of Barcelona are in excellent state.

"With the tower in the heart of Barcelona, a view of the entire city and an expected attendance of 30,000 people, the competition will be a success," confirmed Cirera.