Official Barcelona 2013 song ‘La ciutat entres dos blaus’

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The Catalan music band Els amics del les ArtsEls Amics de les Arts, a famous Catalan music band, presented the official song of the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013 at the Montjuic Municipal Pool on June 13. The band members also revealed the spectacular underwater music video of the song entitled ‘La ciutat entre dos blaus’ ("city between two blues").

Spain’s synchronised swimming star Ona Carbonell attended the presentation. The star of the World Championships was accompanied by Maite Fandos, co-president of the Barcelona 2013 Organising Committee, and Enric Bertran, president of the Catalan Swimming Federation.

“La Ciutat entre los blaus is a cool and Mediterranean song that will be remembered for a long time,” said Fandos at the Piscina Municipal de Montjuic, competition venue for diving of the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013.

‘La ciutat entre dos blaus’ pays tribute to Planet Water, a concept that is connected to the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013. The music video was shot at the famous Barceloneta beach and in the sports facilities of the high performance center in Sant Cugat (CAR de Sant Cugat), where the underwater scenes were recorded in the 25m pool.

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