Doping Control Rules 2009-2013

These Anti-Doping Rules shall apply to and be binding upon each Member Federation and its members, each Continental Body or regional organization, and each Participant in any of their activities or the activities of FINA by virtue of the Participant’s membership, accreditation, or participation in FINA, its Member Federations, or their activities or Competitions.

All Member Federations shall comply with these Anti-Doping Rules. The regulations of Member Federations shall indicate that all FINA Rules including these Anti-Doping Rules shall be deemed as incorporated into and shall be directly applicable to and shall be agreed to and followed by Competitors, Competitor Support Personnel, coaches, physicians, team leaders, and club and Federation representatives under the jurisdiction of the respective Member Federations. Each Member Federation, by being a Member of FINA, agrees that it shall:

a. report all Doping Control results to FINA in accordance with DC 14.

b. allow FINA to conduct Doping Control at that Member Federation’s National Championships or any other Competition within its jurisdiction; and

c. allow FINA to conduct unannounced Testing on any Competitor under that Member Federation’s jurisdiction.

All Competitors shall submit to Doping Control carried out by FINA In-Competition, Out-of-Competition, announced or unannounced. The Competitor shall submit to Doping Control whenever requested by an authorised official.

It is the responsibility of each Member Federation to ensure that all national-level Testing on the Member Federation’s Competitors complies with these Anti-Doping Rules. In some cases, the Member Federation itself will be conducting the Doping Control described in these Anti-Doping Rules. In other countries, many of the Doping Control responsibilities of the Member Federation have been delegated or assigned to a National Anti-Doping Organization. In those countries, references in these Anti-Doping Rules to the Member Federation shall apply, as applicable, to the Member Federation’s National Anti-Doping Organization.