Synchro - info on the Solo and Duet Technical Finals

BCN2013 - Synchro

Following the request from the Host Broadcaster Television for the 15th FINA World Championships Barcelona 2013 and other FINA Television partners, the duration of the finals for solo and duet technical routines in Synchronised Swimming needs to be increased.

The FINA TSSC has carefully considered the situation and has proposed to the FINA Bureau for the first 16 ranked solos and duets to qualify for the technical finals instead of 12. The number of teams for the Team Technical Routine Finals would remain 12 as per previous World Championships.

FINA Bureau has approved this proposal. Also, the OC Barcelona 2013 has no objection to the increase of finalists in solo and duet technical routines in order to provide a synchronised swimming show of over one hour.

If any of the solos/duets ranked from places 13 to 16 decline participation in the technical finals, then the next qualified solo/duet qualified would be invited to participate until all 16 places are fulfilled.

Please note that it is not mandatory to participate as this is not in the Rules, however the FINA Bureau and TSSC are offering this added possibility for the National Federations to be part of the finals in solo and duet technical routines.

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