Facilities Rules 2009-2013

FR 9.1 Distinctive marks shall be provided on both sides of the field of play to denote the goal lines, lines 2.0 metres and 5.0 metres from that line, and half distance between the goal lines. These markings shall be clearly visible throughout the game. As uniform colours the following are recommended for these markings: goal line and half distance line - white; 2.0 metres from goal line - red; 5.0 metres from goal line – yellow. A red or other visible coloured sign shall be placed on the end of the field of play 2.0 metres from the corner of the field of play on the side (opposite to the official table). The boundary of the field of play at both ends is 0.3 metre behind the goal line. The minimum distance from the goal line to the pool wall shall be 1.66 metres.

FR 9.2 Sufficient space shall be provided to enable the referees to have free way from end to end of the field of play. Space shall also be provided at the goal lines for the goal judges.

FR 9.3 Goals: The goal posts and crossbar must be of wood, metal or synthetic (plastic) with rectangular sections of 0.075 metre, square with the goal line and painted white. The goal posts must be fixed, rigid and perpendicular at each end of the playing space, equal distances from the sides and at least 0.3 metre in front of the ends of the field of play or of any obstruction. Any standing or resting place for the goalkeeper other than the floor of the pool is not permitted.

FR 9.4 The inner sides of the goal posts must be 3.0 metres apart.

FR 9.5 The underside of the crossbar must be 0.9 metre above the water surface when the water is 1.5 metres or more in depth, and 2.4 metres above the bottom of the pool when the depth of the water is less than 1.5 metres.

FR 9.6 Limp nets must be attached to the goal fixtures to enclose the entire goal space, securely fastened to the goal posts and crossbar and allowing not less than 0.3 metre clear space behind the goal line everywhere within the goal area.

FR 9.7 Automatic Officiating Equipment