Facilities Rules 2009-2013

Length: 50.0 metres between the Automatic Officiating Equipment touch panels, except for the World Swimming Championships (25m), which shall be 25.0 metres between the Automatic Officiating Equipment touch panels at the starting end and the wall or touch panels at the turning end.

FR 3.1 Dimensional Tolerances as in FR 2.2.1.

FR 3.2 Width: 25.0 metres for Olympic Games and World Championships.

FR 3.3 Depth: 2 Metres (minimum); 3 metres recommended.

FR 3.4 Walls: as in FR 2.4.1.

FR 3.5 Pools for Olympic Games and World Championships must be equipped with flush walls at both ends.

FR 3.6 Number of lanes: 8 (eight), for World Championships and Olympic Games: 10 (ten).

FR 3.7 Lanes shall be 2.5 metres wide with 2 spaces 2.5 metres wide outside of lanes 1 – 8. There must be a lane rope separating these spaces from lanes 1 and 8 for Olympic Games and world championships. If 10 lanes, these must be marked from 0 to 9.

FR 3.8 Lane Ropes:

In a 10 lane pool, lane ropes shall extend the full length of the course, secured at each end wall to anchor brackets recessed into the end walls. The anchor shall be positioned so that the floats at each end wall of the pool shall be on the surface of the water. Each lane rope will consist of floats placed end-to-end having a minimum diameter of 0.05 metre to a maximum of 0.15 metre.

In a swimming pool the colour of the lane ropes should be as follows:
• Two (2) GREEN ropes for lanes 0 and 9
• Six (6) BLUE ropes for lanes 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8
• Three (3) YELLOW ropes for lanes 4, 5

The floats extending for a distance of 5.0 metres from each end of the pool shall be of RED colour.

There shall not be more than one lane rope between each lane. The lane ropes shall be firmly stretched.


FR 3.9 Starting Platforms: as in FR 2.7.
Except the surface area shall be at least 0.5 metres wide X 0.6 metres in length and covered with non-slip material. False start control equipment must be installed.

FR 3.10 Numbering: as in FR 2.8.

FR 3.11 Lane Markings for Diving pools shall be of a dark contrasting color, placed on the floor of the pool in the centre of each lane.

Width: minimum 0.2 meter, maximum 0.3 meter.
Length: 21.0 meters for 25 meter long pools.

Each lane line shall end 2.0 meters from the end wall of the pool with a distinctive cross line 1.0 meter long and of the same width as the lane line. Target line shall be placed on the end walls or on the touch panels, in the centre of each lane, of the same width as the lane lines. They shall extend without interruption from the deck edge (curb), to the floor of the pool. A cross line 0.5 meter long shall be placed 0.3 meter below the water surface, measured to the centre point of the cross line.

This requirement is for 25 m Diving pools constructed after 1 January 2010.

FR 3.12 Backstroke turn indicators: as in FR 2.9. Flagged ropes must be 1.8 metres above the water surface. Flags must be fixed to the rope having the following dimensions: 0.20 metres on the rope forming a triangle measuring 0.40 metres on the sides. The distance between each flag must be 0.25 metres. The flags may carry any signage on the flags to be approved in advance by FINA

FR 3.13 False Start Rope: as in FR 2.10.

FR 3.14 Water temperature: as in FR 2.11.

FR 3.15 Lighting: Light intensity over the whole pool shall not be less than 1500 lux.

FR 3.16 Lane markings: as in FR 2.13. The distance between the centre points of each lane shall be 2.5 metres.

FR 3.17 If the swimming pool and the diving well are in the same area the minimum distance separating the pools shall be 5.0 metres.