Masters Rules 2009-2013

The Masters program shall promote fitness, friendship, understanding and competition through Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo and Open Water Swimming among those competitors with a minimum age limit of 25 years (Note: exception in MSS 5 and MWP3).

MGR 1 The Members shall register Masters competitors in a special category for each of the five recognised disciplines. A competitor who registers for Masters in any discipline will still retain his/her unrestricted right to compete in other competitions.

MGR 2 Except for specific exceptions in the FINA Rules and regulations all other FINA Rules and Regulations shall apply to Masters Competitions.

MGR 3 Individual entries shall only be accepted from persons representing clubs. No swimmer or team may be designated as representing a country or Federation.

MGR 4 Age shall be determined as of December 31 of the year of competition.

MGR 5 The organising federation of FINA World Masters Championships shall pay the travelling and accommodation expense of one member from the FINA Bureau.

MGR 6 Entry fees shall be decided upon by the country that is hosting the Masters World Championships, but they shall be subject to approval by FINA.

MGR 7 For Masters World Championships, the Management Committee shall consist of the Bureau Liaison, the Chairman and Honorary Secretary of the Masters Committee and other members of the Bureau and Masters Committee present.

MGR 8 Masters Competitors must be aware of the need of being well prepared and medically fit before entering into Masters competitions. They shall assume full responsibility for the risks included in competing in such competitions. In consideration of their entry, they must agree to waive and release FINA, the Organising National Federation and the Organising Committee from any kind of liability for accidents, which may cause death, injury or property loss. Entry Forms containing a warning of the risks, an Accident Waiver and Release of Liability must be signed by each Masters competitor.