Synchronised Swimming Rules 2009-2013

SS 24.1 The country holding the competition is responsible for:

SS 24.1.1 Pool specifications and related regulations listed in rules FR 10, FR 11, FR 12 and FR 13.

SS 24.1.2 Providing suitable equipment for reproduction of an accompaniment.

SS.24.1.3 Providing underwater speakers which shall conform to the safety rules of the governmental jurisdiction of the hosting country.

SS.24.1.4 Providing the entry forms.

SS 24.1.5 Preparing a list of entries and judging forms.

SS 24.1.6 Providing programs.

SS 24.1.7 Providing the judges for figure and routine sessions with a means of signaling scores. When automatic Officiating Equipment is used each judge shall be provided with flash cards in case of technical failure.

SS 24.1.8 Ensuring that BL 9.2.3 regarding practice periods prior to the start, shall apply at all FINA competitions.

SS 24.1.9 Producing video records of all Routines and underwater video records of all Routines to enable checking the use of the bottom of the pool.

SS 24.2 The information sheet for all Synchronised Swimming competitions must include the following information.

Pool dimensions with specific reference to the depth of the water, the water level below deck, position of diving boards, ladders, etc. A cross section drawing of the pool is desirable, and diagrams of the pools for figure session and routine sessions. In case the pool specifications are not according to FR 10, diagrams and cross section drawing are obligatory and must be sent out with meet invitation.

SS 24.2.1 Markings of bottom and sides of the pool.

SS 24.2.2 Position of audience with reference to the pool.

SS 24.2.3 Type of lightning.

SS 24.2.4 Open space for entrance and exit, to include designated starting point for walk-ons.

SS 24.2.5 Types of sound equipment available.

SS 24.2.6 Alternative facilities, if required.

SS 24.2.7 Schedule of events, indicating which sessions (per SS 4) will be included in the programme (SS 5) and stating whether preliminaries and finals will be held according to SS 7.1 and SS 7.2.