Synchronised Swimming Rules 2009-2013

SS 23.1 The assistant referee(s) shall carry out duties assigned by the referee.

SS 23.2 The Chief Recorder shall be responsible for:
1. Draw for order of appearance in all sessions.
2. Distribution of start and result lists to all concerned, including those responsible for informing press and public.
3. Recording changes of competitors prior each session.
4. Checking the electronic scoring system.
5. Ensuring the accuracy of recording the scores.
6. Checking the computer results.
7. Overseeing preparation of result lists for distribution.

SS 23.3 The scorers, individually, shall record the marks and make the necessary computations. The recorder on each panel shall immediately inform the Referee or the designated official in case of technical problems.

SS 23.4 The clerks shall perform duties as assigned by the Referee. A clerk shall obtain the order of the draw for each event and ascertain that all competitors are ready at the required time.

SS 23.5 The announcer shall make only such announcements as are authorised by the Referee.