Synchronised Swimming Rules 2009-2013

SS 22.1 The Referee shall have full control of the event. He/she shall instruct all officials.

SS 22.2 He/she shall enforce all the rules and decisions of FINA and shall decide all questions relating to the actual conduct of the event and be responsible for the final settlement of any matter not otherwise covered by the rules.

SS 22.3 The Referee shall ensure that all the necessary officials are in their respective positions to conduct the session. She/he may appoint substitutes for any persons who are absent, incapable of acting or found to be inefficient. He/she may appoint additional officials if considered necessary.

SS.22.4 In emergencies the referee is authorised to assign a substitute judge.

SS 22.5 He/she shall ensure that the competitors are ready and signal for the start of the accompaniment. He/she shall instruct the scorers to penalise the competitors in the session of an infraction of the rules. He/she shall approve the results before announcements.

SS 22.6 The Referee may intervene in the event at any stage to ensure that the FINA regulations are observed, and shall adjudicate all protests related to the session in progress.

SS 22.7 The referee shall disqualify any competitor for any violation of the rules that he/she personally observes or which is reported to her/him by other authorised officials.