FINA Rules of Conduct applicable to Bidders

FINA Rules of Conduct applicable to Bidders

Article 1 - Scope of application

These Rules of Conduct apply to cities bidding to stage the FINA World Championships or the FINA World Swimming Championships and to their National Aquatics Federations, as well as any person or entity acting on their behalf (hereafter referred to as “Candidates”).

Article 2 - Principles

The conduct of the Candidates shall comply strictly with the provisions of the FINA Code of Ethics (to be approved on 22-23 February 2013 in Barcelona) and its implementing provisions. The Candidates shall also respect the procedure for evaluating the candidature established by FINA.

Article 3 - Promotion

Throughout the procedure, the promotion of a candidature shall take place with dignity and moderation. The Candidates are entirely responsible for all forms of promotion.

FINA reserves the right to issue additional specific provisions concerning promotional activities during major international events (e.g. the FINA World Championships, the FINA World Swimming Championships or FINA Bureau meeting at which the host city is elected).

Article 4 - Relations with FINA Sponsors and FINA marketing partners

In order to preserve the integrity and neutrality of the procedure, FINA Sponsors and other FINA marketing partners shall refrain from supporting or promoting any of the Candidates. Consequently, Candidates may not solicit or accept any such support or promotion from FINA Sponsors and other FINA marketing partners.

Article 5 - Relations with the FINA Bureau Members

There shall be no visits by FINA Bureau Members to the bidding cities, nor by the Candidates to the FINA Bureau Members.

If a FINA Bureau Member has to travel to a candidate city for any reason, he or she shall inform the FINA Executive Committee beforehand. The Candidate may not take advantage of this occasion for the promotion of its candidature, nor cover any costs and expenses linked to such a visit, in particular travel and accommodation.

The FINA Bureau Members may not be invited to any form of reception linked to the promotion of a candidature.

The ambassadors of the candidate countries concerned may not visit the FINA Bureau Members nor invite the FINA Bureau Members to any form of reception in their embassies to promote the candidature.

In order to respect the neutrality of the FINA Bureau Members, Candidates may not use the name or image of a FINA Bureau Member or a FINA Honorary Member, except for the members from the country of the Candidate concerned.

Article 6 - Relations between Candidates

Each Candidate shall, in all circumstances and at all times, respect the other Candidates as well as the FINA Bureau Members and FINA itself.

The Candidates shall refrain from any act or comment likely to tarnish the image of a rival Candidate or be prejudicial to it. Any comparison with other Candidates is strictly forbidden.

No agreement, coalition nor collusion between the Candidates aimed at influencing the result is permitted.

Article 7 - Interpretation

All questions concerning the Rules of Conduct and matters concerning their interpretation shall be addressed to the FINA Executive Committee who will also decide on any breaches of the above-mentioned Rules.