Synchronised Swimming Rules 2009-2013

SS 20.1 The final figure result shall be that of the competitors who actually swam the Free Routine. For exceptions see rule SS 12.3.4.

SS 20.2 The final result is determined by adding the final score of each performed session; with each session worth a maximum of 100 points (if both Preliminary and Final Routine sessions are held, the routine score from the Final session shall replace that of the Preliminary session to determine the Final result.)

SS 20.2.1 In events that include one (1) session – Combination or Technical Routine or Free Routine or Figures – the result shall be the score of that session, for a maximum of 100 points.

SS 20.2.2 In events that include two (2) sessions – Figures and Free Routine or Technical Routine and Free Routine – the results shall be the sum of each session, for a maximum of 200 points.

SS 20.2.3 In events that include three (3) sessions – Figures, Technical Routines and Free Routines – the results shall be the sum of each session, for a maximum of 300 points.

SS 20.3 In case of the same final result (calculated to four decimals) in Solo, Duet, Team and Combination, a tie shall be declared for the particular place(s).

If a decision has to be made to go to finals, to be qualified, to be promoted/ demoted, the following procedure will be used:

For Solo, Duet, Team:
The higher Free Routine scores of the final result will decide.
If they are still the same, the Technical Merit score of Free Routine determines the position.
If they are still the same, the higher Technical Routine scores will decide.
If they are still the same, the Execution score of the Technical Routine determines the position.

For Combination:
The higher Technical Merit score shall decide.

For competitions with point system GR 9.8.5 and BL 10.4
In case of a tie, the Final result according to SS 20 of all events shall be added and the higher total sum shall decide.