Synchronised Swimming Rules 2009-2013

SS 15.1 The Sound Center Manager shall be responsible for the securing and properly presenting the accompaniment for each routine.

SS 15.2 For FINA competitions a decibel (sound level) meter shall be used to monitor the sound level and ensure that no person is exposed to average sound levels exceeding 90 decibels (rms) or momentary peak sound levels exceeding 100 decibels.

SS 15.3 Teams Managers / Coaches are responsible for labelling three individual discs for each routine as to speed, name of competitor and national federation. The deadline for receiving the discs is 15 days prior to the start of practice sessions. If the deadline is respected, the Sound Center Manager is entirely responsible for correct execution of the music.
In all other circumstances if the sound reproduction is not working, the Team manager is entitled to bring immediately two additional discs of the music. If the two additional discs fail again, the competitor is disqualified.