Synchronised Swimming Rules 2009-2013

SS 13.1 A team shall consist of at least four (4) but not more than eight (8) competitors (for the exceptions, see SS 6.2). The number of team competitors may not change between Preliminary and Finals or Technical and Free Routines.

SS 13.2 In Combination, at least two (2) parts must have fewer than three (3) competitors and at least two (2) parts must have four (4) to ten (10) competitors.
Start of the first part of the routine may be on the deck or in the water.
All of the following parts must start in the water.
A new part begins where the previous part ends.

SS 13.3 In Duet, Team and Combination events competitors who are listed on the entry according to rule SS 6.3.1 may be interchanged before routine sessions.

SS 13.3.1 Any changes of the names of the competitors from the most recent entry lists must be handed to the referee in writing at least two hours prior to the published start time of routine number one. This time must be published in the official competition schedule. Changes after this can only be made in case of sudden illness or accident of a competitor and if the reserve is ready to compete without delaying the competition. The final decision in such a situation shall be made by the referee.

SS 13.3.2 If the lack of the reserve reduces the Team or Combination size to less than that defined in SS 6.2, SS 13.1 or SS 13.2 the team shall be disqualified.

SS 13.3.3 Failure to notify the Referee of substitution and / or scratching according the rule SS 13.3.1 shall result in disqualification of the routine.

SS 13.4 The order of appearance for Technical Routines, Free Routines Preliminaries or Combination Preliminaries shall be decided by lot. The draw shall take place at least eighteen (18) hours before the first part of the competition and shall be public. Place and time shall be announced at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance.

SS 13.4.1 The order of the draw shall be Teams, Combination, Duets and Solos Preliminaries. For competitions involving both Technical and Free Routines, the draw for the event’s Technical Routine shall first be held followed by the Free Routine Draw (Team Technical, Team Free Preliminary, Combination Preliminary, Duet Technical, Duet Free Preliminary, Solo Technical, Solo Free Preliminary).

SS 13.4.2 When a federation draws start number one (1) in a Technical Routine or Free Routine Preliminary or Combination Preliminary, this federation shall be exempted from start number one (1) in anotherTechnical Routine, Free Routine Preliminary or Combination Preliminary.

SS 13.4.3 For FINA competitions preswimmers are recommended for Technical Routines, Free Routines and Combinations.

SS 13.5 After the Figures and/or Technical Routines and Free routines Preliminaries and Combination Preliminary the first twelve (12) by total score (see 20.2) shall compete in the finals.

Exception: In World Championships: After each Technical / Free Routine / Combination preliminaries the twelve best will compete in the respective Final.

SS 13.5.1 The order of appearance in the finals shall be determined by lot in groups of six competitors. Those who placed 1-6 per SS 13.5 shall draw for start numbers 7 – 12; those who placed 7 – 12 per SS 13.5 shall draw for start numbers 1-6. If the number of the competitors is not divisible by six (6), the smallest group must start first.

At the Olympic Games the draw for order of appearance for the Team Free Routine shall be in two (2) groups of four (4).

SS 13.5.2 For the final draw: the highest qualifier in each group shall draw first, with the next qualifiers drawing in order of placement. If there is a tie for the placement within the same group of six, the names of the tied competitors shall be drawn by lot to determine the competitor to draw first for order of swim. If there is a tie for places 6 and 7 (different groups), those routines will form their own group in the draw (1-5, 6-7, 8-12).

SS 13.6 In routines the swimwear must conform to GR 5 and be appropriate for Synchronised Swimming competitions. The use of accessory equipment, goggles or additional clothing is not permitted unless required by medical reasons. Nose clips or plugs may be worn. Jewellery is not allowed.

SS 13.6.1 In the event that the referee thinks a competitor(s) swimwear does not conform to GR 5 and SS 13.6 the competitor will not be permitted to compete until changing into appropriate swimwear.