Physiotherapist Position (M), Oman Swimming Association


The Oman Swimming Association has an opening for a PHYSIOTHERAPIST POSITION (M) to work with the national team (long, short and diving).

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Contract privileges

1-Full Furnished single accommodation.
2-Cash amount against the furniture, if you do not want the furnished accommodation.
3-Internal Transportation allowance equal (60 RO) per month.
4-Full paid Annual leave of  36 days every year, to be predetermined two months before getting it.
5-Medical treatment and all available medical services in government hospital and clinic inside Oman according to applicable acts of Oman.
6-Monthly Salary of (579 (RO) which equal 1500 USD.
7-Economic air ticket per the contractual year to travel from to your country or an amount equal 75% of the ticket value.

Obligations and Liabilities

1-Permanent coordination with the coach supervising on the swimming national teams regarding work targets for each training and competing phase.
2-Supervising on swimmer treatment if any injuries found up to the full treatment phase and returning back to training through using the equipments and tools of rehabilitation as per the scientific methods.
3-Responsible on practicing the medication exercises and massage with players.
4-Saving the reports related to the medical conditions of patients and save the confidential information.
5-Making dependable relations with players in order to accept his medical recommendations.
6-Follow up the medical condition of each swimmer and report all the details to the coach.
7-Preparing reports and proposals about his missions and obligations.
7-Join the national teams in all competitions inside and outside Oman to do his mission.
8-All other tasks of his specializations.

In case of interest, please refer to the print version of this offer and send your application back to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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