Synchronised Swimming Rules 2009-2013

SS 5.1 For Olympic Games, Teams: Technical Routine and Free Routine, with Free Routine draw according to SS 13.4.1.

For Olympic Games, Duets: Technical Routine, Free Routine Preliminary and Free Routine Final.

SS 5.2 For World Championships: Technical Routines Preliminaries, Technical Routines Finals, Free Routine Preliminaries, Free Routine Finals, Combination Preliminary and Combination Final.

SS 5.3 For FINA Synchronised Swimming World Cup: see BL 10.4.1
For FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy: see BL 10.4.2

SS 5.4 For World Junior Championships, in this order: Free Routines Preliminaries, Combination Preliminary (time limits as listed in SSAG 6), Junior Figures (see Appendix V), Free Routine Finals and Combination Final.

SS 5.5 For all other international competitions the programme may be any combination of SS 4.1 – SS 4.3 so that the Free Routine is included. The Combination may be included.