Perth 2012, Day 5 (Women): Russia-Hungary and USA-Greece semifinals

World Youth Water Polo Championships

CAN vs RUS - credit: Anthony PearseDecember 6, 2012 PERTH -Russia will play Hungary and United States of America will face Greece in the semifinals of the women’s FINA World Youth Water Polo Championships at Perth’s Challenge Stadium on Friday. In the quarterfinals, Russia went 7-1 up on Canada before a second-half comeback by the North Americans saw the score narrow to 15-12. Hungary turned a 3-1 halftime lead into a flattering 10-3 final score against host Australia. USA had little trouble in beating a defiant New Zealand 16-7 and will take on Greece, who struggled in the early stages but overcame Brazil 14-8.

The semifinals will be played mid-afternoon in the outdoor pool with the medal finals indoor on Sunday. In the round 9-12 semifinals today, Czech Republic downed South Africa 11-6 and Italy sent off Uzbekistan 22-1. In the classification match to decide 13th & 14th places, Indonesia defeated Zimbabwe 11-6.

Day 5 Match Reports


Game 32: 9:00, INDONESIA 11 ZIMBABWE 6

Classification 13-14
Quarters: 2-0, 2-1, 4-1, 3-4
Referees: Diego Garibaldi (ARG), Natalya Rustamova (UZB)
Extra Man: INA 2/5, ZIM 3/10
Pens: INA 1/1
INDONESIA: Ayudya Suidarwanty Pratiwi, Sarah Manzilina, Starlet Viersa Utami, Dewi Ratih (2), Chyntia Pradjipta Putri (5), Dwi Anggela Olsen Tiger, Erica Fernanda, Ariel Dyah Cininta Siwabessy (1), Glindra Patricia Legawa (1), Febrika Indirawati, Veriza Adera Pratiwi, Amanda Raudania Santoso (2), Aldila Putri Santoso. Head Coach: Shuli Cai.
ZIMBABWE: Jordyn Clipston, Roxanne Shepherd (1), Natasha Lawson, Heidi McWade, Amilee Fury, Jessica Smith, Sarah Gentleman (1), Savannah Stead, Kelsey Hunter, Brittany Lightfoot, Joanna Beare, Sinead Cockcroft (4), Jessica Harris. Head Coach: Laura Barrett.

INA vs ZIM - credit: Anthony Pearse

Indonesia secured 13th place after notching its first win with an 11-6 defeat of Zimbabwe in their classification match. The Indonesians led from the opening whistle as they proved too strong for the Zimbabweans in attack and defence.

Chintya Putri (INA) led the scoring for Indonesia with five goals, including two in the first half. The Asians led 2-0 at the quarter before scoring another two to lead 4-1 at halftime.

Indonesia broke away in the third period courtesy of its superior ability to maintain possession of the ball. Indonesia scored four goals to one as Putri added another two and Arial Siwabessy and Dewi Raith scored their first and second respectively.

Zimbabwe mounted a fightback in the last quarter, reducing the margin to five as Sinead Cockcroft scored a hat-trick and Roxanne Shepherd slotted home one. Cockcroft ended the game with four goals while Sarah Gentleman scored her team’s other goal.

In the end, the Indonesians proved too clinical as Putri added her last with Glindra Legawa and Amanda Santoso also scoring. Indonesian coach Shu Li Cai was ecstatic with the win and said he was very proud of his team for playing so well.

“We’re glad we got our first win, even though it was so late in the tournament,” Cai said. “The girls played very well. I’m so proud of them and we’ll be trying for a better result next time as well.”

Zimbabwe finished the championships in 14th place, while India round out the classifications in 15th.


Round 9-12 semifinal
Quarters: 0-1, 3-2, 3-1, 5-2
Referees: Michael Brooks (NZL), Andreas Legawa (INA)
Extra Man: CZE 4/9, RSA 0/8
Pens: CZE 0/1, RSA 1/2
CZECH REPUBLIC: Barbora Pavlikova, Nikola Busauerova (3), Aneta Sornova (2), Tereza Halova (1), Karolina Vavurkova, Karolina Kopencova, Karolina Hlavata (2), Leona Brozova (1), Linda Chladkova, Karolina Parabkova, Rozalie Fugnerova, Barbora Hlavata (2), Anezka Sesulkova. Head Coach: Michal Broz.
SOUTH AFRICA: Alexandra Gascoigne, Nicole Haird (1), Carly Wessels, Nicole McKenzie, Shelley Oosthuizen (1), Kim Rosslee (1), Kelly-Lauren Gasson (1), Lindsay Killeen (2), Thembelihle Mkhize, Chloe Bradley, Tayla Webb, Meaghan Oosthuizen, Bianca Van Ellewee. Head Coach: Paul Martin.

CZE vs RSA - credit: Anthony Pearse

After being tied at halftime, Czech Republic pulled ahead and beat South Africa 11- 6 in a 9-12 semifinal match in the outdoor pool. South Africa seemed strong to begin with, with Nicole Haird  (RSA) scoring the only goal for the first quarter.

Czech Republic came out firing in the second term, Karolina Hlavata scoring twice and Leona Broza scoring once, while Lindsay Killeen and Shelly Oosthuizen scored once each for South Africa, taking the halftime score to 3-3.

Despite its strong start, South Africa faded during the second half and the scoring seemed to be all Czech as its added three more goals before the final break. The Czechs scored five goals in the final quarter for 11-6.

Three-goal scorer Nikola Busauerova (CZE) said she expected to win the game and that her team’s defence was the key to the victory. “We wanted to win. We played like a team, together.” Busauerova said.

While South African coach Paul Martin said his team didn’t play together, and ignored their plan for the day.

“We were ill-disciplined, didn’t stick to the game plan and couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net.” Martin said. “It’s up to us to pick our heads up and play some proper water polo.”

South Africa will play Uzbekistan while Czech Republic will play Italy.

Game 34: 11:40, UZBEKISTAN 1 ITALY 22
Round 9-12 semifinal
Quarters: 0-4, 0-8, 1-7, 0-3
Referees: Karol Dvoracek (CZE), Rob Hammond (ZIM)
Extra Man: UZB 1/5, ITA 3/5
Pens: ITA 0/1
UZBEKISTAN: Elena Dukhanova, Nellya Dadabaeva, Ekaterina Palkina, Eseniya Piftor, Ziyeda Teshabaeva, Elina Kalimullina, Ekaterina Morozova, Regina Shaydullina, Liliya Umarova (1), Valeriya Kozlovskaya, Anastasiya Osipenko, Maftuna Pulatova, Aleksandra Dokuchaeva. Head Coach: Boris Rustamov.
ITALY: Fabiana Sparano, Giulia Viacava, Giusy Citino (1), Agnese D'Amico (1), Francesca Bonino (1), Sara Dario, Giuditta Galardi (4), Chiara Tabani (4), Arianna Gragnolati (7), Claudia Marletta (2), Roberta Grillo, Carla Carrega, Federica Lavi. Head Coach: Paolo Zizza.

UZB vs ITA - credit: Anthony Pearse

Italy, destined to finish ninth when it had high hopes of a medal, steamrolled Uzbekistan 22-1 in their round of 9-12 women’s semifinal to set up a classification play-off with Czech Republic.

Italy looked lethargic in the opening quarter, but kept control of the game before opening up in the second quarter and onwards to victory.

Chiara Tabani (ITA) scored the first and third goals while team-mate Roberta Grillo scored the second and fourth to complete the first quarter. Uzbekistan goalkeeper Elena Dukhanova proved a handful with some excellent saves.

Eight goals came in the second period with Arianna Gragnolati netting three — all on counter attack. Claudia Marletta scored twice with her second, four seconds from halftime for a 12-0 margin.

Italy kept up the pace in the third quarter in which Dukhanova made some excellent saves. Gragnolati opened the half by stealing the ball at one end and swimming the length of the pool to score her fourth.

Francesca Bonino converted extra-man attack for 14-0, but immediately afterwards Uzbekistan earned an ejection and quick goal from Liliya Umarova to break the drought. Italy sent in five more with a hat-trick to Giuditta Galardi to close the period at 19-1.

Dukhanova again proved her worth at the top of the fourth period, stopping a Marletta penalty attempt. Three more goals from Gragnolati brought her match tally to seven in a quarter where Italian goals were harder to come by.

Italian Head coach Paolo Zizza said the game was an easy win for his team today, and it went just like he expected. “Today was simple for us. There is a big difference between us and Uzbekistan”

On playing Czech Republic on Friday, he said he thinks the game will go similarly. “I believe tomorrow will go the same as today. We are a better team, so we expect to do better.”

Uzbekistan head coach Boris Rustamov said his goalkeeper (Dukhanova) was his best player.

Dukhanova said it was not just about her. “We have many problems and it is our first world championships. It’s very good to see so many teams, see how they play and take info from their games.”

On her view of the opposition rom the cage, she said: “I take their techniques, what they do and how they play. Many players here are 18, we are just 15 or 16,” she said while hugging one of her much smaller team-mates.

Game 36: 13:00, CANADA 12 RUSSIA 15
Round 1-8 quarterfinal
Quarters: 1-3, 3-4, 3-5, 5-3
Referees: Matan Schwarts (ISR), Gabor Vogel (HUN)
Extra Man: CAN 2/8, RUS 3/9
Pens: CAN 2/2
CANADA: Jessica Gaudreault, Hayley McKelvey (1), Rae Lekness (2), Rachel Krieger (1), Dankia Kotylak, Nikolina Mihalijovic, Taylor Molde, Cara Robinson (1), Kyra Christmas (3), Emma Wright (2), Kindred Paul (2), Alexa Tielman, Claire Wright. Head Coach: Nishant Demani.
RUSSIA: Alina Litovchenko, Olga Kiseleva, Anastasia Simanovich (5), Elvina Karimova (5), Natalia Perfilyeva (2), Alina Tuchina (2), Tatiana Zubkova, Daria Ryzhkova (1), Ksenia Balay, Liubov Zubkova, Nadezhda Yarondaykina, Yana Degtereva, Anastasia Verkhoglyadova, Head Coach: Alexandr Naritca.

CAN vs RUS - credit: Anthony Pearse

Russia, one of the hottest tips for the gold medal, fought off a dogged Canada 15-12 in the first women’s quarterfinal. The tournament’s best shooter, Elvina Karimova, helped propel Russia into the medal round when she scored five goals in the thrilling match that had Russia 7-1 ahead late in the second quarter.

Karimova, who had 26 goals before the start of the match, was ably assisted by another five-goal haul, by Anastasia Simanovich. Karimova scored three in the opening quarter as Russia took a 3-1 grip on the match. She tapped in a high pass, steered another into goal and swept in a shot from centre forward — all from the deadly 2m zone.

Simanovich scored the first two goals of the second quarter after eight minutes of no scoring as Canada shut shop. Karimova netted her fourth and Daria Ryzhkova fired in a missile from the top for 7-1. It looked game over for the Canadians with their large flag-waving crowd urging their team on — almost drowning out the bellowing of Russian Head coach Alexandr Naritca — despite the deficit.

This urged the team to new heights as Kyra Christmas scored from deep right and less than two minutes later Hayley McKelvey, with her hat stripped from her head and a long ponytail trailing, countering to score for 7-3. The red sea on the terraces was ecstatic and this lifted Christmas to gift her team another present — a screamer from 7m two seconds from halftime — for 7-4.

Natalia Perfilyeva, another scoring machine, took the score to 8-4 two minutes into the third quarter, but Canada struck back a minute later through Cara Robinson at the deep-right-hand-catch position.

Simanovich made amends for missing a point-blank shot on extra to send in a backhand goal at centre forward for 9-5 with 3:30 remaining in the period. The goals kept coming, stretching to 12-7 at the final break as Canada tried valiantly to keep within striking range.

The final quarter was riveting as Emma Wright brought Canada to within and then goals were traded through to 14-10, when Karimova’s fifth from two metres proved to be the decisive goal. Rae Lekness converted two penalty goals for 15-12 with two minutes left but the scoring dried up and Russia was through to the semifinals.

Simanovich (RUS) said her team was a little tired after the 7-1 opening surge, but “then the forces came back to us and we won”. On her five goals, she said: “It will give me more confidence in the next two games.”

Canadian Head coach Nishant Demani said his team took too long to play competitively and the Russians played too well for it to catch up. “It obviously wasn’t the result we wanted. I think we took too long to find our rhythm in the game,” Demani said. “We fell down too early and we got stuck playing catch-up the whole game.”

Round 1-8 quarterfinal
Quarters: 4-2, 3-1, 5-3, 4-1
Referees: Stefano Riccitelli (ITA), Emanuel Taylan (TUR)
Extra Man: USA 5/8 NZL 4/10
Pens: USA 1/1
USA: Gabrielle Stone, Mackenzie Barr, Melissa Bergesen (2), Mary Brooks, Makenzie Fischer (2), Devin Grab (4), Danijela Jackovich (1), Emily Loughlin, Madison McLaren (3), Stephanie Mutafyan (2), Cassidy Papa (2), Alys Williams, Carlee Kapana. Head Coach: Kyle Kopp.
NEW ZEALAND: Elisabeth Andree Wiltens, Ricci Ferigo, Jaymee Graham, Rebecca Parkes (1), Simone Couree-Campbell, Lisa Tuke (1), Chelsea Geary, Caitlin Lopes Da Silva (4), Abigail Cunninghame (1), Renuka Mahadevan, Miranda Chase, Kate Enoka, Courtney Miller. Head Coach: Richard Claridge.

USA vs NZL - credit: Anthony Pearse

United States of America, aided by four Devin Grab goals, burst into the semifinals with a 16-7 victory over New Zealand in the second quarterfinal in Challenge Stadium’s outdoor pool. New Zealand tried to stay in the match but the USA had control at quarter time and made sure of victory. New Zealand played well, probably the best of the tournament, but it would never be enough against the fitter North Americans. USA had three goals up with two from Melissa Bergesen, before the Kiwis retaliated with a centre-forward goal from Abigail Cunninghame. Lisa Tuke sent in a goal four seconds from the buzzer for 4-2.

Goals were traded at the start of the second quarter — Stephanie Mutafyan (USA) and Rebecca Parkes — and there was some time before any more goals came. Sadly for New Zealand, two fatal errors inside the final 20 seconds gifted Devin Grab her second goal — from penalty — and then a stolen ball led to Mutafyan gaining the 7-3 margin six seconds from halftime.

The third quarter lifted into a goal fest with USA shooting to a 10-3 lead before New Zealand’s Caitlin Lopes Da Silva slammed in two extra-man goals and one on counter for 11-6. Cassidy Papa (USA) struck twice either side of Lopes Da Silva’s third goal, going into the final period 12-6 ahead.

Grab, Jackovich and Madison McLaren sent the score to an unbeatable 15-6 in the middle part of the final quarter with Lopes Da Silva responding with her fourth before Makenzie Fischer closed the scoring with a minute remaining.

USA Head coach Kyle Kopp said: “I liked the result and our approach to the game. Two days ago we were off our game. We started with establishing our defence. Our defence is our best part of our team, it’s our focus.”

New Zealand Head coach Richard Claridge was not disappointed with the way his team played. “We didn’t execute a few attacks in the second quarter and in the end it cost us. They got away and we didn’t put enough pressure on them. The score became too big. “I’m proud of the girls but they didn’t realize before what was needed at this level. They were excited but the earlier games didn’t seem to have any meaning for them. This and tomorrow’s games have meaning,” he said.

The superb defensive work of goalkeeper Elizabeth Wiltens did not go unnoticed by Claridge. “She kept us in the game a hell of a lot. She only played three quarters but made about 12 saves.”

Game 35: 18:30, AUSTRALIA 3 HUNGARY 10
Round 1-8 quarterfinal
Quarters: 0-0, 1-3, 0-3, 2-4
Referees: Axel Bender (GER), Amber Drury (USA)
Extra Man: AUS 1/ 9, HUN 4/10
Pens: Nil
AUSTRALIA: Lilian Hedges, Ainsley Masek, Belinda Symons (1), Montana Perkins, Madeleine Quinn, Shannan Martin, Fiona Walsh (1), Lenke Dauda-Board (1), Maddison Schmid, Chloe Barr, Kassia Ralston, Jessica Zimmerman, Stephanie Calaizis. Head Coach: Aleksandar Osadchuk.
HUNGARY: Anna Horvath, Annan Krisztina Illes (3), Diana Ziegler, Greta Gurisatti (1), Ibolya Kitti Miskolczi (1), Vivien Kovesdi, Alexa Anett Gemes (2), Krisztina Garda, Diana Sikter, Nikolett Kele, Brigitta Horvath (1), Orsolya Hajor (2), Vanda Zsanett Doroszlai. Head Coach: Attila Mihok.

Some stellar outside shooting has led Hungary to an impressive 10-3 win over Australia in the third women’s quarterfinal played in the main indoor pool in front of a boisterous local crowd. The Hungarians now go into a blockbuster semi final against Russia tomorrow, while Australia has been relegated to the 5-8th classification and will play Canada.

The game was played in two very distinct halves with the Hungarians turning a 3-1 halftime lead into a 6-1 advantage at the end of the third quarter that began in controversial circumstances. Australia won the third swim-off and moved up the pool with an extraman advantage from a Hungarian indiscretion in the dying seconds of the second quarter.

Aussie star Maddi Schmid took a shot from eight metres that rocketed into the back of the net but the table official had forgotten to wave the expelled player back into the pool and the goal was overturned. It was heartbreaking for the Australians and in hindsight changed the context of the game. A minute later the Australian team was given a yellow card for simulation and they were rattled and never recovered.

The first quarter saw both teams with at least half a dozen shots on goal each but no one could find the back of the net. The Hungarians were stifling in defence and the Australians counter attacked with speed, hoping to tire their opposition out. It took three minutes 15 into the second term before Australia opened the scoring with left-hander Lenke Duarda-Board drilling it home for a 1-0 lead.

Soon after Lilian Hedges made a brilliant save for Australia and the tide seemed to be turning towards the hosts. That was until Ainsley Masek was ejected and then made an illegal entry for a second ejection giving Hungary the chance they needed.

Annan Krisztina Illes scored in the ensuing six on five before Ibolya Kitti Miskolczi scored on the counter attack a minute later to give the Hungarians a second. Finally, with another extraman attack Brigitta Horvath scored Hungarians third and at the main break it was 3-1.

After the controversy at the start of the third term the Hungarians knuckled down to the task at hand and scored three unanswered goals to Alexa Anett Gemes, Illes and Greta Gurisatti for a five goal lead at the final break.

Interestingly, at the end of third the Australians had incurred eight major fouls to Hungary’s four. The Hungarians then scored the next four goals of the game – signalling to the remaining teams that they are true contenders for the gold medal – before Australia grabbed two consolation goals in the final few minutes.

Despite the nature of the loss the Australians never stop trying and never lacked for effort, something noted by Hungary’s double goalscorer Greta Gurisatti.

“It was a very difficult match and we were lucky to win the game,” Gurisatti said. “We worked very hard for it and we hope to win the semi final game tomorrow.”

Game 38: 20:00, GREECE 14 BRAZIL 8
Round 1-8 quarterfinal
Quarters: 3-3, 3-1, 5-1, 3-3
Referees: Alexey Krapivin (RUS), Carl Burt (CAN)
Extra Man: GRE 6/9, BRA 1/ 10
Pens:  GRE 1/1
GREECE: Chrysoula Diamantopoulou, Alkistis Christina Benekou (1), Eleftheria Plevritou (3), Ioli Angelike Benekou, Eleni Xenaki, Ionna Charalampidi (1), Aikaterini Zantou (3), Margarita Plevritou (1), Christina Kotsia, Stefania Charalampidi (2), Marina Florou, Stamatina Kontogianni (1), Stefania Terefou. Head Coach: Georgios Morfesis.
BRAZIL: Victoria Chamorro, Diana Abla (1), Tabata Dalio, Adhara Lavatori, Luiza Saback, Mariana Roge, Roberta Hernandez, Izabella Chiappini (5), Bruna Couri, Heloisa Warren, Mirella Coutinho (2), Viviane Bahia, Raquel Pinho. Head Coach: Antonio Canetti.

BRA vs GRE - credit: Anthony Pearse

Greece swam to the semifinals by beating  Brazil 14-8 in their quarterfinal clash, setting it up for a semifinal face-off with the United States. Greece scored the first goal, but Brazil led the match 3-2 until Stefana Charalampidi made it 3-3.

Greece’s defence strengthened, making it impossible for Brazil to score in the second period until the last five seconds when Izabella Chiappini scored her third goal. Greece added another three goals, and could have added more if it wasn’t for some brilliant saves by goalkeeper Victoria Chamorro.

Brazil again could only break through Greece’s tough defence once to score. Greece scored five goals in the third; Aikaterini Zantou scored her second goal from 5m away to end the period 11-5.

Chiappini scored her 28th goal for the tournament in the final quarter. Stefana Charalampidi scored her second goal of the match on a penalty and Stamatina Kontogianni scored the winning goal ending on 14-8. Greece Head coach Georgios Morfesis said his team started a little nervously.

“Brazil broke our rhythm and we missed a lot of chances, even in extra-man (attack). We were a little confused. “However, by the third period we showed the difference of the two teams.. It was clear but also there were a lot of mistakes. There were a lot of contra fouls from the referees…”

He said that making the top four was his team’s aim coming to Perth. “We have to keep winning. We have the USA tomorrow (Friday) and we have to refocus our minds.”

Brazilian Head coach Antonio Canetti explained why the game was hard for his team: “It was a tough game, we didn’t have enough girls to substitute in the first and second quarters, so the rest was tough.
“It was a good game for us. We played against the top team in Europe.”

Greece faces USA in the semifinals on Friday afternoon. Brazil will play New Zealand in the 5-8 semifinals.