Mexico 2012, Day 2: China wins Thematic team, Japan and Ukraine also on podium

China's Thematic Team - credit: Giorgio ScalaDecember 1, 2012 MEXICO CITY - The softness of Chinese folk songs and the energy of the samurai highlighted the second day of the 7th FINA Synchro World Trophy, marked by very creative routines. On day 2, the Chinese team received again very high scores for their near-perfect performance. The team (Or Liu, Xi Luo, Xuechen Huang, Wu Ywen, Jiachen Fan, Lele Yu Xiaoujun chen, Wenyan One, Si Chang and Li Guo) totalled a winning score of 96.338.

The Chinese swimmers transformed the pool into a dance floor, thrilling both the judges and audience with the mega hit song "Gagnam Style". The Japanese filled the pool with mystery when they climbed on the deck dressed as samurai using features such as dry ice.

Their dramatic performance earned them a total 95.838 points from the judges. Team Japan was composed by Yukiko Inui, Aika Hakoyama, Mai Nakamura, Risako Mitsui, Mayo Itoyama, Kurumi Yoshida, Miho Arai, Hibaru Kazumori, Kanami Nakamaki, Misa Sugiyama and Chikako Izumi.

Team Ukraine - credit: Giorgio Scala

If the battle for the top spots was comfortable, the fight for the minor medal was fierce between Mexico and Ukraine. The Ukrainians eclipsed the locals with their lively and dynamic version of the country folk themes. Team Ukraine (Olena Grehykhina, Ganna Klymenko, Katerina Sadrska, Zolotarova Look, Lolita Ananasova, Anastasiya Sauchuk, Vira Golubova, Oleksandra Sabada, Anna Voloshyna, Dana Mariia Klymenko, Maryna Golyadkina and Kateryna Reznik) scored 94.563 points overall.
In this edition of the World Trophy, Ukraine climbed the podium in all events so far. Head coach Svetlana Saidova highlights the youth and strength of the team.

“They are young, but very experienced because they participated in many competitions in Europe. This team was silver medallist at the FINA World Junior Synchro Championship in 2010. And below we have a generation that is also very strong. We're worrying about keeping a constant renewal”.

Mexico came with the power of Maya culture and a sumptuous start on the deck that included a pyramid. As their routine unfolded, there were many elements that characterised the country, including sombreros and the famous song 'Guadalajara'. The Mexican team, which until the penultimate presentation remained in third place with 94.188 points, are now placing fourth.

Team Japan - credit: Giorgio Scala

Day 2 also featured a Solo Exhibition with some of the world's best soloists: Russian Yulia Potapova, Japan's Adachi Yumi, Lolita Ananasova from Ukraine, Chinese Xuechen Huang and British Olivia Federici.