Mexico 2012, Day 1: China dominates in Synchro highlight and Thematic duet

Canada's Highlight Routine - credit: Giorgio ScalaNovember 30, 2012 MEXICO CITY - The seventh edition of the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy started with all the energy and "plasticity" of the Synchro highlight routines and thematic duets. All participating countries - Russia, China, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Ukraine - will present at the Mexican Olympic Sports Centre pool a show that keeps getting more and more spectacular since the competition was firstly launched in 2006. More specifically, the use of accessories is allowed and time on deck can exceed 10 seconds. All of these aspects without sacrificing the technique of the sport.

Asia dominated the first event of the competition, the Synchro Highlight routine, with China (95.788 points) and Japan (95.238 points) finishing on top, showing very different styles. While the Chinese chose to use at the same time delicacy and vigor in their birds-themed routine, the Japanese used several accessories and their theatrical skills in a daring choreography that featured an armed dispute by power. Both teams displayed creativity and a high degree of difficulty in their routine.

Birds of China - credit: Giorgio Scala

Ukraine (94.925 points) was third in the Synchro Highlight routine with a tribal theme that incorporated accurate and well-executed acrobatic movements. They were followed by Canada (92.400 points), who chose to mirror spiders in their routine. The owners of the house, Mexico (90.788 points), which made the crowd vibrate with a mime-inspired routine. Russia, who performed on a vibrant Latin music, came just behind Mexico with 90.475 points.

The second event of the day, the Thematic duet, was based on the local culture of the host country. Once more, China (95.125 points) shined. Famous twins Wenwen and Tingting Jiang showed how experienced they are in executing a difficult routine wearing the traditional colourful Mexican skirts on the deck and red shoes in the water. Their coach Wang Na said that they intend to be better next year, at the FINA World Championships in Barcelona, Spain.

“They are very mature technically and all we are doing is based on hard work day by day. This duet has many advantages because of the natural physical similarity, the high and other features that make them a very strong duo. It is an honour to be champion again and I thank everyone for their support.”

Ukraine (93.888 points) finished in second place, also representing Mexican dancers, and Canada (93.463 points) took third, dressed up like the typical Mexican animal: the jaguar. The good surprise was Mexico's fourth spot, with 93.350 points, to the delight of the home crowd, cheering from the stand.

Team of Mexico - credit: Giorgio Scala

Some of the country's celebrities were also among fans to watch the outstanding performances of the Synchro World Trophy day 1: Diego Reyes, Olympic champion with the Mexican soccer team in London this year and diver Fernando Platas, silver medallist in Sydney 2000.

Many of the competing teams presented an important renovation of swimmers, being now in preparation for the next Olympic cycle that will culminate with the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.