BCN 2013 - Control of Events

1. Management Committee

The Management Committee shall consist of the Members of the Bureau (GR 9.4.2)

2. Jury of Appeal

The Jury of Appeal shall be the Members of the Bureau and the Honorary Members of FINA (GR 9.3.1).

3. Commissions

For each discipline a commission shall be appointed consisting of the respective Technical Delegate (Bureau liaison) and the Chairman of the Honorary Secretary of each respective FINA Technical Committee (GR 9.5.1).

4. FINA representatives and Technical Delegates

4.1 FINA Representatives

The FINA Representatives to the Organising Committee are: The Executive and the Executive Director.

4.2 Technical Delegates

Swimming: Dale Neuburger (USA)
Open Water Swimming: Dennis Miller (FIJ)
Diving: Orban Mendoza (PUR)
Water Polo: Dimitris Diathesopoulos (GRE)
Synchronised Swimming: Qiuping Zhang (CHN)