Greece crushes Brazil, Netherlands and Canada to a tie

London 2012 Water Polo

GRE vs BRA - credit: Guido Cantini/Sea&See Trieste (April 16) - The Netherlands and Canada put on stage a highly balanced game, with the two teams alternating in the lead, tying frequently in between. The outcome could be only tie. So it was, with the team on 11-11 at the end. All satisfied in view of  the decisive matches on Friday in the quarter-finals.

In the first half of the game the team coached by Oaten had the edge but in the third period Maugeri’s girls reacted and the teams went into the final quarter on a tie (7-7). The last period was also a tie (4-4). Mieke Cabout top scored the game with 4 goals. Yesterday’s top scorers Van Belkum (NED) and Robinson (CAN) rested on the bench for the major part of the game. Dutch Coach Mauro Maugeri said: “I’m proud of my players; on average they are very young; tying with Canada leaves us satisfied although we could also have won”.

Match reports:

Game 3: 17.30, Group B, NETHERLANDS 11 CANADA 11
(2-3; 2-3; 3-1; 4-4)
Referees: Mario Bianchi (ITA), Radu Matache (ROU).
NETHERLANDS: Ilse Van der Meijden, Yasemin Smit (2), Mieke Cabout (4), Biurakn Hakhverdian (2), Sabrina Van der Sloot (1), Nomi Stomphorst, Iefke Van Belkum, Robbin Remers (1), Vivian Sevenich (1), Nienke Vermeer, Lieke Klaassen, Hariet Cabout, Anne Heinis. Head Coach: Mauro Maugeri.
CANADA: Rachel Riddell, Krystina Alogbo (2), Katrina Monton, Emily Jean Csikos (3) Joelle Bekhazi (2), Carmen Camille Eggens (1), Rosanna Tomiuk, Dominique Perreault, Monika Catharina Eggens (1), Christine Robinson, Tara Campbell, Marina Radu (2), Serena Bredin. Head Coach: Patrick Oaten.

NED vs CAN - credit: Guido Cantini/Sea&See
NED vs CAN - credit: Guido Cantini/Sea&See

Game 4: 18.50, Group B, GREECE 23 BRAZIL 4 
(7-1, 5-1; 6-1, 5-1)
Referees: Gabor Vogel (HUN), Alexei Krapivin (RUS).
GREECE: Eleni Kouvdou, Christina Tsoukala (2), Antiopi Melidoni, Ilektra Psouni, Kyriaki Liosi (3), Alkisti Avramidou (6), Alexandra Asimaki (2), Antigoni Roumpesi (5), Angeliki Gerolymou (5), Triantafyllia Manolioudaki, Stavroula Antonakou, Georgia Lara, Chrysoula Diamantopoulo. Head Coach: Georgios Morfesis.
BRAZIL: Manuela Canetti, Cecilia Canetti, Marina Zablith (1), Marina Canetti (1), Luciane Maia, Izabella Chiappini (1) Melani Palaro Dias, Luiza Carvalho (1), Viviane Bahia, Flavia Vigna, Mirella Coutinho, Diana Abla, Camila Gomes. Coach Roberto Chiappini.

Brazil managed one goal per period. The Brazilian girls were eager to do well against the reigning world champion of Greece. However the Hellenics conceded little to their courageous opponents. They stopped scoring at 23, with Avramidou as the top scorer with six goals, ahead of Roumpesi and Gerolymou (five goals each), then Liosi (three), Asimaki and Tsoukal (two each).

GRE vs BRA - credit: Guido Cantini/Sea&See
GRE vs BRA - credit: Guido Cantini/Sea&See