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London 2012 - Swimming - Qualified NF/NOC for the Relays


Please find below the final list of qualified NF/NOC for the Relays who confirmed their participation in the Olympic Games 2012:


4x100 Free 4x200 Free 4x100 Medley

4x100 Free 4x200 Free 4x100 Medley
1 Australia United States United States
1 Netherlands United States United States
2 France France Australia
2 United States Australia China
3 United States China Germany
3 Germany China Australia
4 Italy Germany Italy
4 China Canada Russia
5 Russia Australia Japan
5 Australia Hungary Japan
6 South Africa Japan Netherlands
6 Sweden France Germany
7 Germany Great Britain Hungary
7 Canada Italy Great Britain
8 Great Britain Italy Brazil
8 Japan Great Britain Canada
9 Belgium Austria New Zealand
9 Denmark New Zealand Denmark
10 Brazil Hungary Canada
10 Great Britain Japan Italy
11 Hungary Canada France
11 Italy Germany Sweden
12 Canada New Zealand Russia
12 Russia Russia Netherlands
13 China Russia Poland
13 New Zealand Slovenia Spain
14 Venezuela Denmark Great Britain
14 Hungary Spain France
15 Serbia Belgium South Africa
15 Greece Poland Iceland
South Africa China
16 Belarus Ukraine Hungary