By Laws 2009-2013

Preamble: The requirements below have been established in order to safeguard order, safety and security at World Championships and FINA Competitions (and Continental and Regional Championships/Games).

The following rules are not exhaustive and cannot be regarded as a conclusive and all-embracing stipulation of the measures to be taken by, and the responsibilities of organisers of Championships and Competitions. Organisers are requested to do everything within their power to ensure that order, safety and security are maintained in and around the competition venue(-s) before, during and after competition sessions.

These rules shall be complementary to instructions based on national and local legislation, as well as instructions issued by competent national administrative bodies.

BL 12.1 Consultation with authorities
Before bidding for championships/competitions the Bidding Federation must consult the appropriate authorities in order to ensure that the measures required in these rules will be fulfilled.

BL 12.2 Inspection of Venue(s)
The venue(s) in which competitions are to take place must have been approved by the competent authorities for this purpose.

BL 12.3 Organisation

BL 12.3.1 The Organising Federation, Organising Committee or Club in charge of the organisation of the championships/competition must in cooperation with the competent local authorities appoint a Security Officer, who will be in overall command of all order, safety and security matters related to the championships/competition. Persons individually in charge of order, safety, security, medical care and fire service must be similarly appointed.

BL 12.3.2 In addition every Federation or Club entered into the championships/competition shall be requested to select one official with knowledge about the behaviour of supporters attending the competition venue(s), who shall inform the Security Officer about any special need of action in order to maintain order, safety and security at the competition venue(s).

BL 12.4 Security Meetings

BL 12.4.1 The Organiser shall provide office(s) for the Security Officer, in which Security Meetings will be held whenever needed. Persons attending regular Security Meetings shall be those responsible for order, safety, security, medical care and fire service. On special call also other persons such as the FINA Delegate(s), Federation or Club officials, venue authorities and the local police shall attend Security Meetings.

BL 12.4.2 In the event of serious emergency situation all persons identified in BL 12.4.1 on a special signal broadcast over the public address system must immediately attend an Emergency Meeting.

BL 12.4.3 Presentation of the Security Officer and persons in charge of order, safety and security, medical care and fire service shall be done at the Technical Meeting(s) before the opening of the championships/competition. At the same time information about order, safety, security, medical care and fire service at the venue(s) shall be given by the Security Officer.

BL 12.5 Checking and Guarding of the Venue(s)
The venue(s) must be guarded against unauthorised intrusion for an adequate period before the beginning of the championships/competition, and an efficient security sweep of the venue(s), to search for unauthorised persons or dangerous objects, carried out before competitors, officials and spectators are admitted.

BL 12.6 Duration of Presence
Police, safety, security stewarding, medical and fire-fighting personnel and the public address announcer(s) shall be in their allotted positions in and around the venue(s) before the venue(¬s) is opened to the public, and their presence maintained for the entire period that the public is in the venue(s) and until it has dispersed, in accordance with the instructions of the Security Officer.

BL 12.7 Screening of Spectators at Championships/Competitions
Spectators shall be screened initially by control personnel at the outer perimeter fence, if there is one, or at the outer cordon established at venues which do not have an outer perimeter fence, to ensure that only ticket-holders approach the turnstiles, and to make the first checks to prevent the introduction of dangerous objects, alcohol, fireworks etc. into the venue(s).

Final screening and search procedures shall be carried out by the control personnel outside the turnstiles entrances to ensure that:

a) Spectators enter the correct part of the venue
b) Spectators do not bring any objects into the venue, that are likely to be used in acts of violence, nor alcohol or fireworks of any kind.
c) Access is forbidden to known or potential troublemakers, or persons who are under influence of alcohol or drugs.
d) Special alert must be given to possible acts of terrorism.

Screening and search processes shall be carried out sensibly and effectively to ensure that the spectators are not searched more than once and that the searchers themselves do not become the cause of undue delay or create unnecessary tension.

BL 12.8 Stewards
Sufficient stewards shall be on duty within the venue(s) to ensure that spectators are directed to their seats efficiently and smoothly without delay and confusion.

BL 12.9 Segregation
For Water Polo games where a system of spectator segregation is to be operated, the segregation should be drawn up jointly by the Security Officer and the police commander in charge at the match venue.

BL 12.10 Doors and Gates
All exit doors and gates in the venue(s) shall open outwards away from the spectators, and shall remain unlocked while spectators are in the venue. Each and every such door and gate shall be attended at all times by a specially appointed steward, to guard against abuse and ensure immediate escape routes in the event of an emergency evacuation. They shall not be locked under no circumstances.

BL 12.11 Distribution of Alcohol
The public sale, distribution or consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted within the spectators areas, athlete areas or competition areas of the swimming venue.

BL 12.12 Public Address system
The venue(s) shall have a public address system, which is capable of being heard clearly, above the crowd noise. It is recommended that the announcer(s) should be selected from persons with voice(s) familiar to the spectators. The police authorities should be able to override the public address system to make emergency announcements on their own microphone.

BL 12.13 Announcements

Announcements over the public address system shall be of strict neutral character. The public address system shall not be used for the dissemination of political messages.

BL 12.14 First Aid
The venue(s) shall have adequate and fully equipped first-aid treatment facilities for competitors and officials and the public. These facilities together with the number and qualifications of assistants who win administer treatment, shall be approved by the local authorities concerned. Ambulance(s) shall be stationed on site during the whole championships/competition.

BL 12.15 Political Action
No political action shall take place inside or in the immediate vicinity of the venue(s). The promotion or announcement, by any means, of political messages or any other political actions inside or in the immediate vicinity of the venue(s) is strictly prohibited before, during and after the championships/competition.

BL 12.16 Provocative Action, Racism
The Organisers of championships/competition, together with the Security Officer, shall prevent any provocative action being taken by spectators inside or in the immediate vicinity of the venue(-s) (unacceptable levels of verbal provocation from spectators towards competitors or opposing fans, racist behaviour, provocative banners or flags etc.). Should such action arise, the Security Officer shall intervene over the public address system or remove any offensive material, if necessary with assistance of the police. Stewards shall draw attention of the police to serious acts of misbehaviour, including racist insults; so that offenders may be removed from the venue should the police decide.

BL 12.17 Sanctions
Federations, Organising Committees or clubs may be sanctioned for not having fulfilled the requirements in this rule.
Sanctions may include any or all of the following:
a) Warning
b) Fine
c) Suspension
Sanctions shall be imposed by the body competent to impose sanctions in accordance with the Constitution of the Organisation having the right to award the championships/competition.