By Laws 2009-2013

BL 11.1 FINA shall establish a World Competition Calendar. This Calendar shall serve as a guideline for Continental and Regional organisations, Federations and organisers of International competitions when deciding dates and place for Championships/Games and other competitions.

BL 11.2 The Calendar shall include:
• FINA Championships and other FINA competitions
• Continental and Regional Championships/Games
• Other Championships/Games of major international importance, and
• Other international competitions to be approved by FINA.

BL 11.3 Championships/Games and other international competitions may be added to the Calendar provided that they have been presented to FINA for sanction in accordance with C 14.3

BL 11.4 Championships/Games, or other International competitions must be organised so they finish latest one month prior to or overlapping the Olympic Games and FINA World Championships, with the exception of Masters Competitions.

BL 11.5 Cancellation of fixtures or change of dates or place for a fixture on the Calendar must be reported to FINA at least six months before the commencement of that competition.