By Laws 2009-2013

BL 1.1 The Treasurer shall send to all the affiliated Members of FINA, during the first week of October each year, a notice accompanied by an invoice requesting payment of the affiliation fee in January for the subsequent year.

BL 1.2 Any Member whose affiliation fee is not paid by the end of January each year must be notified immediately by the Treasurer, requesting payment and advising the delinquent Member that if payment is not received by March 31st, they will be under suspension from April 1st until the fee is paid or until the Bureau has decided otherwise.

BL 1.3 The Treasurer shall, in the month of April, notify any Member whose affiliation fee has not been paid by March 31st that they are suspended and that any Member whose fee is not paid by the July 1st may be declared unaffiliated by the Bureau.

BL 1.4 The Treasurer, in the months of April and July, shall forward to the President and Honorary Secretary of FINA, the list of the Members who have not paid the affiliation fee.

BL 1.5 The Honorary Secretary shall notify all Members of all suspensions and loss of affiliation and when membership status has been reinstated.

BL 1.6 All notices related to BL 1.2 BL 1.4, forwarded to Members by the Treasurer or Secretary, shall be sent by registered mail.