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Indianapolis 2004

15th FINA World Sports Medicine Congress - Indianapolis 2004

Does the type of bathing cap affect the temperature of the swimmer in warm water? Do traditional African tribal medicines have ergogenic effects on performance? What is the incidence of injuries in elite diving?

These are a few of the questions being posed and discussed at the 15th FINA World Sports Medicine Congress held at the Indiana Convention Centre in Indianapolis on October 12 and 13th.

The Bleasdale Memorial Lecture was given by Dr. Patrick Schamasch, IOC Medical and Science Director. Dr. Schamasch spoke about the Medical and Doping Control programs at the recent Olympic Games in Athens, and among others about the organisational structure of these programs and the numbers of volunteers involved in the medical care at the Games. Statistics reviewing the most common diagnoses and utilisation of specialties were reviewed. Dr. Schamasch also outlined the details of the Doping Control program including the number of tests per sport, and types of testing completed. Information on human Growth Hormone testing, blood doping and erythropoietin testing was also discussed.

The subthemes for this Congress included:

* Nutritional Supplements
* Travelling Athlete
* Biomechanics/Musculoskeletal
* Disordered Eating
* Doping Control
* Special Needs for Master’s Athletes
* Social Program

Presenters at this Congress came from all over the world including Japan, France, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Great Britain, Canada, South Africa and the United States of America.  Delegates at the Congress also came from all regions of the world including Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Jordan, Algeria, Singapore, Cayman Islands, as well as many from North America. This Congress was truly representative of the global world of aquatics.
Indianapolis is the home of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The 15th FINA World Sports Medicine Congress was fortunate to have representation from ACSM on the Organising Committee. Other members of the Organising Committee were representatives from the FINA Sports Medicine Committee, USA Swimming and St. Vincent Sports Medicine. The Chairman of the Planning Committee was Dr. Jim Miller, President of the United States Masters Swimming. This team worked for two years prior to the Congress to plan a world class event that addressed the needs of aquatic sports medicine physicians from around the world.

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DAY 1 - Tuesday 12th October 2004
Athens 2004 Olympic Games. An extensive Anti-Doping Program
Dr. Patrick Schamasch
Stopping Doping before it starts - The physician's role
Dr. Andrew Pipe
Ensuring Product and Athlete Integrity through the Supplement Certification Process
Dr. Lori Bestervelt (Christ Steele presenting)
WADA’s Prohibited Substance List: A Psychiatric Perspective
Dr. Saul I. Marks
Use and Abuse of Dietary Supplements
Dr. Ron Maughan
Iron Supplementation Maintains Ventilatory Threshold and Improves Energetic Efficiency in Iron-Deficient Nonanemic Athletes
Ms. Lisa M. Sinclair
Estimates of Energy Expenditure During Swimming Utilizing an Omnidirectional Accelerometer
Ms. Jeanne D. Johnston
Disordered Eating to Eating Disorders: Prevention, Recognition and Action
Dr. Heidi Skolnik
Evaluation of Body Composition Assessment in Aquatic Sports
Dr. Margo Mountjoy
Physiologic Correlates to Performance in the 50 through 1,000-yard Freestyle Events in Elite Adolescent Female Swimmers
Mr. John D. Holohan
DAY 2 - Wednesday 13th October 2004
Medical Support for Elite Athletes at International Games
Dr. Ed Ryan
Averting Loss of Quality in Performance in Traveling Swimmers
Dr. Khwaja M. S. Aziz
Effects of Swimming Caps and Water Temperature on Thermal Responses of Swimmer
Mr. Masaru Matsunami
Observations on Aging Athletes; Swimming in the Fountain of Youth?
Dr. Joel Stagger
Master’s Swimming – The Future is Now
Dr. Jim Miller
Haematological Parameters: A Comparison of Endurance-Trained Veteran and Youth Male Swimmers
Mr. David Gerrard
Hormones, Menopause and Swimming Performance
Dr. Mary M. Pohlmann
Diagnosis and Management of Common Musculoskeletal Injuries in Competitive Swimmers
Dr. Scott Rodeo
Relationships between Arm-Leg Coordination and Intra-Stroke Velocity Fluctuation in Breaststroke
Dr. Hideki Takagi
Injury Patterns in Elite Canadian Divers
Dr. Kristin A. Wingfield
Effect of Stroke Rate Manipulation on Oxygen Uptake in Constant Speed Swimming
Dr. Scott McLean
Autonomic Nervous System Supercompensation and Performance in Competitive Swimming
Mr. Martin A. Garet

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