WPWL 2012 (Men): Spain defeats Greece at home in first World League round

World League

ESP vs GREIn the first games of Europe's preliminary round, Spain defeated Greece (Group C) 8-7 on November 15, 2011. It was an intense match both in and outside the pool for the Spain-Greece showdown. The Spaniards were lagging behind for most of the game and it was not until the fourth period that they were able to neutralise the advantage the Hellenic squad had enjoyed so far. In a last grasp of effort, Spaniard Albert Espanol scored a goal at 1.47 before the end of the game for a total three goals in the last period.

After the game, Spain's coach Rafa Aguilar praised the attitude of his players during the game and said the key of success was the team's capacity to endure pain: “Lagging behind for most of the game has taught us to suffer", he said.

"In the first two quarters, we did not do things well and it was not until the third period that we used to our own advantage the numerical superiority of players and brought the match to a tie”, he continued.

Aguilar also emphasised the importance of starting with a win: “In a match of this importance, it is fundamental to start with victories. Moreover, to win at home is an added incentive for the Super final”.


Spain 8-7 Greece (2-1, 1-3, 2-1, 3-2)

SPAIN: Inaki Aguilar, Mario Garcia, Balazs Sziranyi, Fran Fernandez, Guillermo Molina (2), Marc Minguell (1), Ivan Gallego, Albert Espanol (1), Xavi Valles (1), Felipe Perrone (1), Blai Mallarach (3), Ruben de Lera and Daniel Lopez Pinedo. Coach: Rafa Aguilar.

GREECE: Filippos Karampetsos, Emmanouil Mylonakis (1), Andreas Miralis, Konstantinos Kokkinakis (1), Artin Elmisian, Dionysios Karountzos, Christos Afroudakis, Georgios Ntoskas (3), Gregorios Afroudakis, Ioannis Fountoulis (1), Avraam Alichanidis, Matthaios Voulgarakis (1) and Konstantinos Tsalkanis. Coach: Dragan Andric.

Referees: Littlejohn (GBR) and Franulovic (CRO)

Interview and photos by Cristian Mestres