General Rules 2009-2013

GR 10.1 FINA may conduct Junior World Championships in each discipline in accordance with FINA Rules and in particular the Rules set forth in this Rule GR 10.

GR 10.2 The Junior World Championships shall be conducted in accordance with a calendar schedule approved by the FINA Bureau.

GR 10.3 Junior World Championships shall be conducted with doping control in accordance with FINA Doping Control rules.

GR 10.4 At all Junior World Championships, the Management Committee shall be the members of the appropriate Technical Committee present at the Event, with the Bureau Liaison as Chairman who shall have a casting vote, if necessary.

GR 10.5 Judging selections shall be determined by the appropriate Technical Committee, subject to approval by the Bureau or the Executive.

GR 10.6 The ages for juniors shall be as set forth in the Rules of each discipline (DAG 2, DAG 3 and DAG 4; WPAG 2; SSAG 2.2; and OWS in BL).