General Rules 2009-2013

GR 7.1 Any entered competitor may be substituted by another entered competitor at the Team Leaders Meeting. It is mandatory for one representative of each Federation to take part in the Team Leaders Meeting. Failing to do so will result in a fine of 100 Swiss Francs.

GR 7.2 In all competitions except water polo, a competitor or team not wishing to take part in a semi-final or final in which qualification was earned shall withdraw within thirty (30) minutes following the preliminaries or the semi-finals of the event in which the qualification took place. The member federation of any competitor who withdraws from the heats/preliminary rounds after the Team Leaders Meeting or from a semi-final or final more than thirty (30) minutes after the preliminaries or semi-finals of the event in which qualification was earned, shall pay without excuse to the honorary treasurer the sum of one-hundred (100) Swiss francs; in case of a relay, duet, team or combination, the sum shall be two-hundred (200) Swiss francs.

GR 7.3 If a team withdraws from a FINA Water Polo event any time after the draw has been concluded, and without the approval of the Management Committee, then that team will be sanctioned by the Bureau with an economic sanction of 8,000 Swiss Francs, from which 6,000 Swiss Francs goes to the Organiser, and suspension from all competitions for a minimum period of three months up to a maximum period of two years.

GR 7.4 In Swimming, Diving, and Synchronised Swimming, where a competitor who competed in the semi-finals or final is disqualified for any reason, including medical control, the position he would have held shall be awarded to the competitor who finished next and all the lower placing competitors in the semi-finals or final shall be advanced one place. If the disqualification occurs after the presentation of awards, the awards shall be returned and given to the appropriate competitors applying the foregoing provisions.

GR 7.5 If an error by an official follows a fault by a competitor, the fault by the competitor may be expunged.