Diving Officials 2014 - Reconfirmation

(deadline: 30 November 2013)

Please find below information relating to the FINA DIVING OFFICIALS LIST 2014:

In accordance with the FINA Regulations Certification of FINA Diving Officials alt (version September 1, 2013) the list of Diving Judges will be maintained by the FINA Technical Diving Committee and will be established every year.

The National Federations are not entitled to nominate diving judges for the FINA Diving Judges List but are expected to reconfirm or to delete the names of their certified judges and to check or to add the year of birth.

For this purpose, please complete this formalt and return it to the FINA Office in Lausanne (SUI) NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 30, 2013.

Attention: Reconfirmed judges without indication of the date of birth will not be accepted in the new FINA Diving Judges List 2014.

Please refer to the updated FINA Diving Judges List (Version September 27, 2013)alt including all the Judges who passed successfully a FINA Diving Judges Certification Course in 2013 until end of September.

On this list you can see the certified judges (and/or Federations) starting from year 2014 while the rest have been scratched, due to the fact that the certification will end of December 2013 or due to the age limit (over 65).

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following FINA Rules:

• BL 6 Technical Officials - The maximum age of Technical Officials (Judges, Starters and Referees) when officiating at FINA Championships or FINA Competitions, except Masters, shall be sixty-five (65) years during the year of competition. Technical Officials on the FINA Lists of International Referees, Starters or Judges above that age shall be entitled to officiate until the end of their appointment.)

• BL 9.1 Officials - The Judges nominated must be of the same nationality as the FINA Member Federation signing the form and fully certified by the respective Technical Committee.
The FINA Technical Committees will propose Technical Officials (Judges and Referees) to act at the Olympic Games or World Championships from the current FINA Officials Lists in the respective discipline, for approval by the FINA Bureau or FINA Executive. For no show of nominated officials the respective Federation will be fined 2’000 Swiss Francs.

Online Exam: Following the Regulations for Certification each certified official on the FINA Diving Officials list must take the On-Line officials exam each year. Please inform your officials accordingly.

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