WP Juniors 2011 (W), Day 1: Team USA froze the hosts

FINA World Junior Water Polo Championships

USA team kicks off game against ITA - credit: mc59.comTRIESTE, Italy (September 11) - With the pool-side parade of the 16 teams, the 9th edition of FINA’s World Junior Women’s Water Polo Championships was launched in the city of Trieste, Italy. After the warm words from the host nations‘ representatives Prof. Franco del Campo (Director of the Municipality of Trieste), Sergio Rinaldi (FIN, Italian Swimming Federation) and Enrico Samer (Chairman of the Organising Committee), FINA Bureau Member Dimitris Diathesopoulos welcomed the participants on behalf of FINA and of FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione.

“Italy has a very rich history in water polo, just a few weeks ago they became World Champions in Shanghai among the men,” Mr. Diathesopoulos said. “So it is a big honour for us, the water polo family, that Italy once again offers its hospitality for such a great event. During this week we will see the future of women’s worldwide water polo as we have teams from sixteen countries from five continents”. He added: “Italy has great organising experience, Trieste has excellent facilities and all these assure the success of this World Championships”. Mr. Diathesopoulos thanked to the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN), the Municipality and the City of Trieste, the members of the Organising Committee and the volunteers the great efforts they already put into hosting this event and wished good luck for the teams and the officials.

Group A
China–Mexico 18-6

Quarters: 5-1, 3-3, 5-1, 5-1

CHN vs MEX - credit: mc59.com
CHN vs MEX - credit: mc59.com

P. R. China: WANYUN Feng, ZIJUN Zhai, GUANAN Niu, MEGYANG Zhang 2, BINGJING Wang 4, JIANING Tian 1, DONLGLUN Song, SHUJIN Li 1, ZHUIJA Wang 3, NING Guo, SHIMIAO Wang 1, YIDAN Wang 1, QUN Xia 5.

Mexico: DUARTE Karina, ESCUTIA Raquel, GONZALES Joana, BUSTAMANTE Diana 2, TORRES Lizeth, ALVAREZ Doris 1, LOPEZ Edith 1, GALLEGOS Jarmin, AMARILLAS Maria Jose 2.

Extra player:
China: 3 for 3
Mexico: 1 for 4

Penalties: none

Referees: LEGAWA Andreas (INA), TAN Hong Boon (SIN)

Li Shujin’s fine shot opened the scoring festival both for the junior World Championships and for China in the very first game of the event. Mexico, with only two substitute players on the bench, could not have high hopes but to keep the gap between them and the Chinese under ten goals or so. At half-time it seemed they could even earn a better result but in the next two periods China was far too superior, while tiredness also took its toll on the Mexicans.

Group A
Hungary–Australia 9-9

Quarters: 1-3, 3-2, 3-1, 2-3

HUN vs AUS - credit: mc59.com
HUN vs AUS - credit: mc59.com

Hungary: BOLONYAI Flora, CZIGANY Dora, ANTAL Dora 1, KISTELEKI Hanna 3, ILLES Anna, KESZTHELYI Rita 3, KOVER-KIS Reka 1, PENGO Nikoletta, PARDI Petra, KOCSIS Laura, SOMHEGYI Noemi 1, MOLNAR Timea, SZABO Ivett.

Australia: WAKEFIELD Kelsey, SCOTT Emily, VENOSTA Genevieve 1, GRAHAME Emma 1, BISHOP Isobel, BUCKLING Hanna, SCHMID Maddison 1, BROWN Eliesha, ARANCINI Zoe 2, SOUTHERN Ashleigh 3, APPEL Jayde 1, KING Olivia, DAVIES Michaela.

Extra player:
Hungary: 6 for 11
Australia: 4 for 14

Hungary: none
Australia: 1 for 1

Referees: TACCINI Cristina (ITA), TERPENKA Doriel (CAN)

The highlight game of the morning session had everything you love in water polo: great goals, twists and turns, tremendous fight and a nail-biting finish.
Ashleigh Southern’s two goals kicked off the action, both came from extramen. The Aussies maintained their lead until the middle of the second quarter (2-4) by adding two more goals from extra. However, the Hungarians stroke back with three hits, all six on six, Noemi Somhegyi’s wrist-shot from the centre was something male players would be proud of. Still, the opponent had the last laugh before half time as they earned a penalty just 0.3 second to go and Grahame made no mistake (4-5).
The Hungarians dominated the third quarter and managed to turn the clock, what’s more, Hanna Kisteleki’s third goal from extra gave them a 8-6 lead at the beginning of the final period. But the Aussies didn’t give in and they fought themselves back within two minutes (8-8). Hungary then buried a double extra for 9-8 and Rita Keszthelyi had the winner in her hand but Kelsey Wakefiled saved her shot in a one-on-one situation. At the other end, Zoe Arancini’s shot – also in a 6 on 4 – found its way to the net and despite desperate efforts from both sides the game ended in a 9-9 draw.

Standings, Group A:
1. China 2 points, 2. Australia and Hungary 1-1, 4. Mexico 0.

Group B
South Africa-Uzbekistan 7-10

Quarters: 1-4, 0-2, 3-2, 3-2

RSA vs UZB - credit: mc59.com
RSA vs UZB - credit: mc59.com

South Africa: THOMAS Rebecca, DENDY YOUNG Lara 1, RAWSTRON Christy 3, BARRETT Nicola, TRAUBE Kylie 1, SCHOOLING Tarryn 2, TONKIN Caley, STEVENS Kelly, CHRISTIAN Delaine, PARKES Megan, GAMIET Mymoneah, BHANETHI Zikhona, MEYER Michaela, WEIDEMAN Ryan.

Uzbekistan: DUKHANOVA Elena, DAGABAEVA Diana 2, SARANCHA Aleksandra 6, PIFTOV Eseniya, IVANOVA Eugeniya 1, NIGMATULLINA Rufina, MOROZOVA Ekaterina, DAGABAEVA Nellya, UMARORA Liliya, ZINUROVA Adelina, HAMITOVA Guzelya 1, PLYUSOVA Anna, DJUMALIEVA Angelina.

Extra player:
South Africa: 0 for 9
Uzbekistan: 4 for 8

South Africa: none
Uzbekistan: 1 for 1

Referees: DREVAL Svetlana (RUS), RAKOVIC Ivanka (SRB)

Uzbekistan firmly controlled the game – for three periods. They defended well, attacked efficiently and built a well deserved 7-1 lead by the middle of the third quarter with Aleksandra Sarancha hitting six. They might think it should be enough and started to loosen up a bit. However, South Africa’s three hits in the second part of this period seemed just a temporary resurrection as Uzbekistan still held a 8-4 lead coming into the final eight minutes. But the story shifted to a totally unexpected way when Christy Eawstron scored a classical hat-trick within 1:15 minutes (8-7) and her team had a 6 on 5 to equalise the score. But a wrong pass denied the fairy-tale ending and Hamitova’s fine lob virtually ended the contest with 1:42 to go. When Dagabaeva added another one in the last second it was telling how widely her teammates celebrated the goal at the bench – relieved they seemed in that moment...

Group B
Netherlands–Russia 13-13

Quarters: 3-2, 5-6, 3-5, 2-0

NED vs RUS - credit: mc59.com
NED vs RUS - credit: mc59.com

Netherlands: SLOBBE Michelle, DONGELMANS Melissa 2, STOMPHORST Nomi, VAN DER SLOOT Chatarina 1, CABOUT Marloes, KLAASSEN Lieke 2, REMERS Robbin, NYHUIS Marloes 4, SMITS Liselotte 3, SEVENICH Vivian, GENEE Amarens 1, MEGENS Maud, WILLEMSZ Debby.


Extra player
Netherlands: 2 for 8
Russia: 2 for 8

Netherlands: 1 for 2
Russia: 1 for 1

Referees: STAVROPOULOS Nikolaos (GRE), TEULE Jose Maria (ESP)

The first encounter of the afternoon session produced a thriller, thanks to the sides playing an open game, attacking bravely, taking risks and finding a rather fine shooting form. The Dutch had a better start and seemed to take control by the middle of the second quarter, leading 6-3. But the Russians quickly stroke back and scored three connecting goals, what’s more, Anna Karnaukh saved a penalty at 6-6. At this stage the match was similar to a classical showdown, shot after shot, most of them finding the back of the net – this eight minutes brought 11 goals altogether. The Russians were on the top of their game in these minutes which usually means bad news for any opponent: dictating a high pace, moving quickly and unexpectedly, leading fast counterattacks... And it worked in the third period as well so they were 13-10 up and seemed to be in the driving seat. But for the final quarter they became a bit exhausted and slowed down, the Dutch smelled blood and came back in all of a sudden: with 3:42 to go it was 13-13. The remaining minutes saw three extras for the Netherlands and one for the Russians, but all were missed so they settled for a draw which should be regarded as rightful result.

Standings, Group B:
1. Uzbekistan 2, 2. Netherlands and Russia 1-1, 4. South Africa 0.

Group C
Indonesia-Greece 2-37

Quarters: 0-9, 0-6, 1-12, 1-10

INA vs GRE - credit: mc59.com
INA vs GRE - credit: mc59.com

Indonesia: IMRON Ernanati, ANGGRAENI Maya, RUSNERI Nova 1, EKA Melviani, PUTRI FEBBY Familia, ALI Kezzie, TJANDRA Felicia, KADIR Hudadiah 1, RASYID Inez Febrianti, SIW ABESSY Ariel Dyah, UTORO Annisa Nadhilan, KARTINI Lilik, RAIDA Rani.

Greece: DIAMANTOPOULOU Chrsysoula, BENEKOU Alkistis 4, DIAMANTOPOULOU Vasiliki 2, PLEVRITOU Eleftheria 3, PLEVRITOU Margarita 7, CHARALAMPIDI Ioanna 5, ZANTOU Aikaterini 1, TSOUKALA Christina 3, KOTSIA Christina 4, CHARALAMPIDI Stefania 5, BENEKOU Ioli Angeliki 1, GARYFALLOU Ioulia 2, TEREFOU Stefania.

Extra player:
Indonesia: 1 for 3
Greece: 3 for 4

Referees: VARLOW Megan (AUS), FEKETE Balazs (HUN)

A historical premier for Indonesia: this is the very first time when the country has sent a national water polo team to any World Championships. All in all, they might just as well have an easier opponent for their opening game as Greece was far too strong for them. It was a contest decided by physical condition: the Greek scored the majority of goals on counterattacks thanks to the difference in stamina and swimming speed. Still, we saw the historical moment of Indonesia scoring the first goal at world stage: Hudaiah Kadir managed to find the back of the net from the distance late in the third period.

Group C
United States–Italy 11-4

Quarters: 3-0, 3-0, 4-3, 1-1

USA vs ITA - credit: mc59.com
USA vs ITA - credit: mc59.com

USA: HILL Samantha, MARTIN Brooke 3, GREENWOOD Emily 2, GROSSMAN Ashley 1, DODSON Kaley, FATTAL Rachel 1, MENDOZA Kelly 1, O’DONNELL Colleen 1, OSCHNER Dana, NEUSHUL Kiley 2, ROSENTHAL Madleine, SARDO Dominique, BALDONI Kate.

Italy: TEANI Laura, BARZON Laura 1, MILLO Alessia, EMMOLO Giulia, QUEIROLO Elisa 1, POMERI Francesca 1, DARIO Sara, TABANI Chiara, PALMERI Valeria 1, VERDE Medea, GIACHI Gloria, LASCIALANDA Letizia, SPARANO Loredana.

Extra player:
USA: 2 for 7
Italy: 2 for 7

USA: 1 for 1
Italy: 1 for 1

Referees: DETKO Tad (GBR), BERVOETS Anton (NED)

Team USA started its World Championship campaign in a devastating mood: they simply froze Italy in the third big game of the day. The American defence worked perfectly with Samantha Hill posting a handful of tremendous saves, while in attack they managed to shoot several spectacular goals from the distance. It was telling when Colleen O’Donnell let the ball fly from 11 metres and it still found its way to the top left corner... The US were 6-0 up at half-time so the game was virtually decided by then. Italy needed 19:45 minutes to get to the scoreboard – Barzon sent the ball home from a double extramen – but the reply immediately arrived, Greenwood scored from 7 metres, as usual... The Italians fought on to save some pride and at least they may gain some strength from the final period in which they were on equal terms with the Americans...

Standings, Group C:
1. Greece 2, 2. USA 2, 3. Italy 0, 4. Indonesia 0.

Group D
Canada-Brazil 9-7

Quarters: 4-0, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3

CAN vs BRA - credit: mc59.com
CAN vs BRA - credit: mc59.com

Canada: COLTER John Nicola, McKEE Kelly 1, LEKNESS Rae, STEEMKAMER Rebekka, AMOROSA Amanda 1, PATERSON Julia, TAYLOR Shelby 3, ROBINSON Cara, FITZGIBBON Fiona, YELIZAROVA Hanna 2, MASE Kirstin 1, WRIGHT Emma 1, GAUDREAULT Jessica.

Brazil: GOMES Camila, GOZANI Gabriela 2, ABLA Diana, CHIAPPINI Izabella 2, BAHIA Viviane, TORRES Bruna, DIAS Melani, SANTORO Adhara, GUIMARAES Talitha, VELOSO Tatiana, COUTINHO Mirella 2, DIAS Gabriela 1, CHAMORRO Victoria.

Extra player:
Canada: 1 for 4
Brazil: 2 for 10

Canada: 1 for 1
Brazil: 1 for 1

Referees: DUNLI Cao (CHN), MELLIAR Ian (RSA)

Three goals within less than two minutes: those three attacks determined the outcome right in the first period. Adding one more a bit later and another goal at the beginning of the second period meant that Canada gained a comfortable 5-0 lead and never looked back. The Brazilians started to climb back but never got much closer. The Canadians always scored whenever the contest tended to get hotter and as their opponents missed a handful of 6 on 5s they had a calm cruising till the end as the Brazilians reduced the gap to two only ten seconds before the buzzer.

Group D
Germany–Spain 6-16

Quarters: 1-4, 2-4, 3-5, 0-3

GER vs ESP - credit: mc59.com
GER vs ESP - credit: mc59.com


Spain: HERRERA Patricia, ESPAR Anni 1, LLORET Helena 4, ESCODA Lidia 3, GORRIA Teresa, VICENTE Laura, BLAS Andrea 3, MIRANDA Lorena, BACH Marta, TARRAGO Rouser 3, CHILLIDA Paula 2, LLISTERI Mar, PEREZ Cristina.

Extra player:
Germany: 1 for 4
Spain: 3 for 7

Germany: none
Spain: 1 for 1

Referees: WALDOW John (NZL), DRURY Amber (USA)

Spain enjoyed a rather easy ride as they played with the same high level of concentration from the beginning to the end. Their fine skills and well-built tactical moves made them dominating all quarters. The Spanish head coach, Miguel Angel Oca – Olympic champion in 1996 – seemingly taught the girls the most important lesson (which propelled him and his mates to the top of the water polo world in Atlanta): winning in this sport is based on disciplined defensive work. The Spaniards did their job in this evening and earned a win of 10 goal-margin.

Standings, Group D:
1. Spain 2, 2. Canada 2, 3. Brazil 0, Germany 0.