Thumbs up for Swimming Coaches clinic in Mombasa (KEN)

Development News

The Kenya Swimming Federation organised a Swimming Coaches (Level 2) clinic from August 3-12, 2011 in Mombasa. 30 enthusiastic participants with various coaching knowledge and from all corners of Kenya took part in the 9-day course given by expert Gerd Nottelmann from Germany.

The course covered all areas of building the swimmer's technique and swimming style. The coaches were also taught how to plan their programme in different stages according to the swimmer's abilities. The course went on to approach the swimmer's physiology and ways of dealing with young and older swimmers. The course was very interactive and fruitful for the coaches who did not hesitate to ask questions and suggest ideas for the whole time. Group discussions also took place with each group presenting their work in front of others. An examination took place at the end of the clinic.


(Courtesy of Fakhry Mansoor, Course organiser)