Riccione 2012 - Venue

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Located inside the "Italo Nicoletti" Sports Center, the "Swimming Stadium" of Riccione can be considered one of the finest and most functional swimming facility in Italy.

1 km far from the motorway, 3 Km from Fellini Airport and 2 km from the railway station of Riccione, it's easily accessible for those arriving for the first time, and for those staying in hotels along the coast. The facility is close to the city park and a short walk for the city center.

Outdoor Swimming Stadium
Outdoor Swimming Stadium

The Swimming Stadium complex consists of:
- a 10 lanes Olympic swimming pool 50x25 mt. with bulkhead that splits the pool in two 25 meters pools, with uniform depth of 2 meters
- a 6 lanes Indoor swimming pool 25x12 mt. with width ranging from 0.60 mt. to 3.80 mt., with 2 one-meter springboards and 1 three-meter springboard
- a 10 lanes Outdoor Olympic pool 50x25 mt. 2 meters widht
- a diving pool 22x18 mt. 5 mt. width with 10-7.5-5 mt. platforms
- a 8 lanes outdoor swimming pool 25x18 mt. 2 mt. widht
- 1000 seats capacity indoor pool tribune
- 1300 seats capacity outdoor pool tribune
- refreshment areas, gymnasiums, changing rooms, offices, conferences rooms.

Swimming Stadium Indoor
Swimming Stadium Indoor

Open water event will be held 2 km far from the swimming Stadium.

These new facilities, ready for spring 2012, will offer an high-performance venue for swimming, water polo, synchronised swimming, and diving unique in Italy and Europe.