Constitution 2013-2017

C 22.1 The FINA Doping Control Review Board (DCRB) shall consist of eight persons appointed by the Bureau. No two members of the DCRB shall be from the same country or Sport Country.  A majority of the members of the DCRB shall be either physicians licensed in internal medicine, endocrinology, clinical pharmacology or sports medicine, with experience in antidoping practices or analytical chemists with experience in WADA accredited laboratories or their equivalent.

C 22.2 Members shall nominate persons for consideration for appointment to the DCRB by providing notice of such nomination in writing signed by the President of the Member to the FINA Executive Director prior to the commencement of the General Congress.

C 22.3 Members of the DCRB shall be appointed by the FINA Bureau, at its first meeting following its election in accordance with applications received from individuals nominated by the Member Federation to which they are affiliated.

C 22.4 Members of the DCRB shall serve at the discretion of the FINA Bureau; and may be appointed for such number of successive terms as considered appropriate by the FINA Bureau.

C 22.5 A person may not serve on the DCRB if he or she has any other responsibilities for FINA.

C 22.6 The Bureau shall appoint a chair of the DCRB from among the members of the DCRB.

C 22.7 The DCRB may act by majority vote or through responsibilities delegated by majority vote to a particular member or members of the DCRB.

C 22.8 The DCRB may review and make recommendations to the Bureau regarding FINA's doping control programme and may make proposals for additions or amendments to the Doping Control Rules for consideration by the Congress.