Game 45 (M): 09:30, GERMANY 5 MONTENEGRO 8

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Classification 7th & 8th

Quarters: 3-4, 1-3, 1-1, 0-0

Referees: Adrian ALEXANDRESCU (ROU), NI Shi Wei

Extra Man: GER: 0/10. MNE: 2/13

Pen: GER: 0/1

GERMANY: Alexander TCHIGIR, Florian NAROSKA, Fabian SCHROEDTER, Julian REAL (2), Marko STAMM, Marc POLITZE, Erik BUKOWSKI, Paul SCHUELER (2), Tobias KREUZMANN, Moritz OELER (1), Andreas SCHLOTTERBECK, Dennis EIDNER, Roger KONG. Head Coach: Hagen STAMM.
MONTENEGRO: Denis SEFIK, Drasko BRGULJAN (1), Aleksandar RADOVIC (2), Damjan DANILOVIC, Nikola VUKCEVIC, Milan TICIC (1), Filip KLIKOVAC (1), Nikola JANOVIC, Aleksandar IVOVIC (1), Darko BRGULJAN (2), Antonio PETROVIC, Predrag JOKIC, Milos SCEPANOVIC. Coach: Petar POROBIC.

The first half promised so much in the play-off for seventh but it seemed that both teams had decided to go home early as the second half produced just two goals and they were in the third period. It was the second game in three that there was a shutout quarter and only the third of the whole tournament after the Netherlands-Hungary women’s game on July 21. Friday night’s shutout was in the women’s bronze medal game where Russia held off Italy for the final quarter. Germany’s shooting was woeful with a 19% strike rate compared to Montenegro’s 42%. The extra-man statistic speaks for itself. The first quarter was a real thriller with goals swapped after RADOVIC took Montenegro 2-1 ahead. IVOVIC dropped in the 3-4 goal on a drive down the right unguarded. REAL scored his second to start the second period, sending the ball into the right side of the goal from the top. Then began the dark period from the heavily supported Germany. Drasko BRGULJAN scored on a counter- attack with a lob; Darko BRGULJAN converted extra from deep left and RADOVIC gained his second after the extra-man exclusion period for 4-7 at 1:25, the last goal of the quarter. Darko BRGULJAN and SCHEULER traded goals in the third period and the last was a dour effort from two fading teams making many mistakes and shooting poorly. The only real chance was POLITZE’s penalty attempt at 1:18, which hit the post. Germany dropped from sixth to eight from Rome two years ago while Montenegro lifted two positions.