Game 42 (M): 15:30, MONTENEGRO 9 SPAIN 10

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Semifinal 5-8

Quarters:  2-2, 3-5, 2-1, 2-2

Referees: Adrian ALEXANDRESCU (ROU), Sergei NAUMOV (RUS)

MONTENEGRO: Denis SEFIK, Drasko BRGULJAN, Aleksandar RADOVIC (3), Damjan DANILOVIC, Nikola VUKCEVIC (1), Milan TICIC, Filip KLIKOVAC (1), Nikola JANOVIC (1), Aleksandar IVOVIC, Darko BRGULJAN (1), Antonio PETROVIC (1), Predrag JOKIC (1), Milos SCEPANOVIC. Coach: Petar POROBIC.
SPAIN: Inaki AGUILAR, Mario GARCIA (2), Eric MARSAL, Francisco FERNANDEZ, Guillermo MOLINA (1), Marc MINGUELL (1), Mark ROCA, Albert ESPANOL, Xavier VALLES (3), Felipe PERRONE (1), Ivan PEREZ (1), Javier GARCIA (1), Daniel LOPEZ. Head Coach:

MNE vs ESP - credit: Russell McKinnon
MNE vs ESP - credit: Russell McKinnon

Spain held off Montenegro by taking the lead three minutes from halftime and never relinquishing it. Spain was unlucky not to score more goals but for the efforts and extreme coverage of the goalmouth by SEFIK. The lead swung ion the first half but Spain threw up a continual barrage of shots at the Montenegrin goal. RADOVIC opened on extra for Montenegro but MINGUELL on right-hand-catch and VALLES off a quick cross pass, had Spain in the lead. JOKIV tied the game on extra at

0:43 to close the period. PETROVIC on extra and MOLINA with a rare blast from outside into the top right had the game level again. Darko BRGULJAN finished a zig-zag extra-man attack in which the ball crossed the cage three times before crossing the line. After FERNANDEZ backhand scooped a loose ball over the crossbar when wide open, Spain went on the offensive in a big way. PERRONE, VALLES and Mario GARCIA all scored from top left — the first on action, the second with a lob and the third on extra. Spain was back in front with a two-goal lead. RADOVIC narrowed the gap on extra but the veteran Left- hander PEREZ, one of two players in their 40s in Shanghai, backhanded from two metres after drifting to his right for 5-7 at halftime. KLIKOVAC opened the third period after a defensive error but GARCIA scored his eighth of the tournament on extra.

Montenegro went to a timeout and swiftly gave it to VUKCEVIC on the near post to score for 7-8. Spain peppered the Montenegro goal but nothing came in the final 4:40 of the quarter. Spain called a timeout after winning the swim for the fourth but no goal. However, on its next attack, an ejection was gained and VALLES tapped in his third on extra from the far post for 7-9. Montenegro went to a timeout at 3:06 with head coach POROBIC frantically drawing the play on his board, JANOVIC posted the goal on extra from the left side, threading it into the bottom corner at 2:48 for 8-9. FERNANDEZ tried another flick on rebound only to have it smothered by SEFIK. Spain had a timeout at 1:18. Mario GARCIA repeated an earlier effort, scoring on extra down the right post for 8-10. RADOVIC netted a third goal 13 second later with a cross-cage shot from top right. Montenegro was back in the game. JOKIC was excluded and Spain wasted time for the victory. Spain earned a shot against the USA for fifth while Montenegro goes to the seven-eight classification match with Germany on Saturday.