Game 40 (M): 10:50, CANADA 6 AUSTRALIA 8

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Classification 9th & 10th

Quarters: 2-0, 1-2, 2-3,  1-3

Referees: Marion BRGULJAN (MNE), NI Shi Wei (CHN)

Extra Man: CAN: 3/10. AUS: 1/7

Pens: CAN: 1/2

CANADA: Robin RANDALL, Constantine KUDABA, Omar TOUNI, Nicolas CONSTANTIN BICARI (2), Justin BOYD (1), Scott ROBINSON, John CONWAY, Kevin GRAHAM (3), Devon DIGGLE, Dusko DAKIC, Oliver VIKALO, Jared McELROY, Dusan ALEKSIC.
Coach: Dragan JOVANOVIC.
AUSTRALIA: Joel DENNERLEY, Richard CAMPBELL (1), Tim CLELAND (1), Mitchell BAIRD, Robbie MAITLAND (1), Anthony MARTIN, Aidan ROACH (1), Sam McGREGOR (1), Aaron YOUNGER (2), Gavin WOODS, Rhys HOWDEN, Billy MILLER (1), Luke QUINLIVAN.  Coach: John FOX.

CAN vs AUS - credit: Russell McKinnon
CAN vs AUS - credit: Russell McKinnon

This was a game that Canada threw away and the Aussie Sharks went in for the kill in the final period. At 3-0 until nearly halftime, Canada had nullified Australia and forced it into silly mistakes. Two late goals by Australia brought the game to within one at halftime but two GRAHAM goals, bringing his tally to three, had the game still heavily in favour of the hard- playing Canadians. Whereas it was a waterfall, the became a mere trickle for the Canadians as the Sharks were set loose and played their natural game. ROACH on extra; YOUNGER with a shot off a cross pass at five metres had the game at 5-5 by three-quarter time. the Aussie avalanche continued in the final spell as CAMPBELL caught the defence unawares with a swift shot from deep right. McGREGOR scored at the end of possession off a cross pass and MAITLAND accepted a smart cross pass from CAMPBELL to be unguarded at two metres for 5-8. Canada took a timeout because the onslaught was infective but not for Canada. CONSTANTIN BICARI scored his second goal and 10th for the tournament on extra at 1:21, giving Canada some hope. But the game came to a conclusion soon after GRAHAM had a chance on penalty in the last second. DENNERLEY dived left but stopped the ball with his  right hand. Australia lifted its World Championship ranking from 10th to ninth while Canada slipped from eighth to 10th.