Game 39 (W): 09:30, NEW ZEALAND 7 SPAIN 15

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Classification 11th & 12th

Quarters: 2-3, 1-6, 2-4,  2-2

Referees: Marie-Claude DESLIERES (CAN), Roberto CABRAL (BRA)

Extra Man: NZL: 3/12, ESP: 4/7

Pens: ESP: 2/2

NEW ZEALAND: Carina HARACHE, Emily COX (1), Kelly MASON (2), Danielle LEWIS, Amy LOGAN (1), Alexandra BOYD, Ashley SMALLFIELD, Lauren SIEPRATH (2), Johanna THEELEN, Casie BOWRY, Kirsten HUDSON, Alexandra MYLES, Brooke MILLAR. Head
Coach: Eelco URI.
SPAIN: Ava COPADO, Blanca GIL (7), Ana ESPAR, Helena LLORET, Matilde ORTIZ, Paula CHILLADA, Lorena MIRANDA, Pilar PENA, Andrea BLAS (1), Ona MESEGUER (1), M. Carmen GARCIA (6), Marta BACH, Laura ESTER. Head Coach: Miguel OCA.

NZL vs ESP - credit: Russell McKinnon
NZL vs ESP - credit: Russell McKinnon

GIL is the name on everyone's lips and the powerful utility player stamped her name on the game. Along with GARCIA, they contributed an incredible 13 of the Spanish goals against a team desperately trying to make its mark on the game. GIL sent her scoring tally into the stratosphere. She started with 18 goals — three from penalties — and finished with 25 — 6 from penalties. Her contribution was immense to a team that was hoping for a better result than 11th. The strength of women's water polo is expanding past the five or six good teams of the past. GARCIA was also on fire with her activities at two metres, whether it be turning to shoot on action or on extra. Her use of strength and body positioning are technically perfect. She scored six goals by the last break and finished the tournament with 12 goals. GIL had a short sojourn on the bench from 3:30 in the third when she left with blood streaming from a cut on the top left of her nose. She returned soon after but it slowed her scoring by 10 minutes. Never mind, she grabbed a pair of goals, one from a bouncer and another from seven metres when guarded by two players. She attempted to equal Uzbekistan's HALIKOVA with an eight-goal haul from a single match but her two last shots were blocked. New Zealand played well throughout, especially in the first and fourth, with SIEPRATH and MASON double scorers. quarters. SIEPRATH took her tally to double figures at 10 and MASON to seven. Spain dropped three placings from Rome while New Zealand maintained its ranking.