Game 36 (M): 15:20, SERBIA 9 GERMANY 4

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Group 1-8 Quarter-final

Quarters: 2-0, 0-1, 4-3, 3-0


Extra Man:  SRB: 3/10. GER: 1/9

Pens: SRB: 1/1

SERBIA: SORO Slobodan, Marko AVRAMOVIC, Zivko GOCIC, Vanja UDOVICIC (2), Marko CUK, Dusko PIJETLOVIC (3), Slobodan NIKIC, Milan ALEKSIC, Nikola RADJEN, Filip FILIPOVIC (4), Andrija PRLAINOVIC, Stefan MITROVIC, Gojko PIJETLOVIC. Coach:
GERMANY: Alexander TCHIGIR, Florian NAROSKA, Fabian SCHROEDTER, Julian REAL (1), Marko STAMM, Marc POLITZE (1), Erik BUKOWSKI (1), Paul SCHUELER (1), Tobias KREUZMANN, Moritz OELER, Andreas SCHLOTTERBECK, Dennis EIDNER, Roger KONG. Head Coach: Hagen STAMM.

Serbia did not look like a team already qualified for the London Olympic Games when the halftime buzzer sounded. By three- quarter time it looked like ready to catch the plane and at full time stamped itself as the team to beat later this week and next year. There are still cracks and this tournament is not yet won. Germany proved an excellent sparring partner for much of the match, especially in the first. It's not often teams take as quarter off Serbia but Germany managed it. By restricting the Serbs to two goals in the first and denying them anything in the second, Germany had proved its class. But any team with a FILIPOVIC must be a winner. That left-handed magician scored nearly half his team's goals with a low rocket across the cage a spectacular shot for 7-4 at the top of the fourth. His penalty goal seemed minor in comparison. Serbia played to its strengths but constantly was shut down and the consistent former Singapore goalkeeper KONG was King in goal. Three of Germany's goals came on extra and several other top opportunities were shut down, none more so than REAL's one-metre blast from above the cage at 4:40 in the last. When captsain UDOVICIC took his team 4-2 up midway through the second, the game looked like heading his way but SCHEULER with a deep shot just as exclusion period was ending brought it back to 5-3. FILIPOVIC raised his third on penalty but POLITZE, renowned for shots from Berlin, sent in an outsider for 5-4. Dusko PIJETLOVIC scored his first on extra with a high pass along two metres for 6-4 a few seconds from the final break. FILIPOVIC bagged his fourth and 13th for the tournament with the rocket. Dusko PIJETLOVIC gained his second and third goals from the post positions for 9-4 at 2:04, enough to charge into the semifinals, as expected.