Game 34 (M): 12:40, AUSTRALIA 15 JAPAN 9

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Semifinal 9-12

Quarters: 6-4, 1-1, 3-1,

Referees: Mihailo CIRIC (SRB), NI Shi Wei (CHN)

Extra Man: AUS: 1/8. JPN: 3/11

Pen: AUS: 1/1. JPN: 1/1

AUSTRALIA: Joel DENNERLEY, Richard CAMPBELL (2), Tim CLELAND (1), Mitchell BAIRD (1), Robbie MAITLAND (1), Anthony MARTIN (3), Aidan ROACH, Sam McGREGOR (3), Aaron YOUNGER, Gavin WOODS (1), Rhys HOWDEN (3), Billy MILLER, Luke QUINLIVAN.  Coach: John FOX.
JAPAN: Katsuyuki TANAMURA, Kan AOYAGI (1), Koji TAKEI (3), Shota HAZUI, Mitsuaki SHIGA, Akira YANASE, Yisuke SHIMIZU (1), Atsushi NAGANUMA (2), Hiroki WAKAMATSU, Yoshinori SHIOTA (2), Keigo OKAWA, Satoshi NAGATA, Naoki SHIMIZU. Head
Coach: Hideki TAKAGI.

Australia, one of the under-performers at this event, turned on its best display with a stirring victory. For Japan, it meant hard weather indoors to go with the 37C and almost 100% humidity outside. Unlike some matches where the number of fouls far outweigh the number of goals, this match produced 24 goals with 10 of them coming in the first quarter. The foul count was low in comparison. Australia spread its scoring around and nailed five from the deep right despite not having a left-handed field player. The Aussie Sharks still struggled on extra-man attack but the overall play was a vast improvement, albeit when the carrot of to-eight has long gone.  Japan kept up the pace and restricted the Australians in the second quarter. In the third captain McGREGOR stood up, scoring twice with his second a looping back shot from centre forward after a cross pass from two metres. CLELAND, back in the water after his brutality foul four days ago,  opened the fourth period on extra for 11-6. MARTIN and CAMPBELL took it to 13-6 before TAKEI scored on counter straight after an unusual referee call. While Australia was sending the ball into the net, a back-court exclusion was call, nullifying the goal. The Sharks lost the ball and TAKEI made it 13-7. Four goals came in the last 90 seconds with Australia scoring twice for 15-7. SHIOTA converted a penalty and NAGANUMA scored his second on counter a second from time. It will be a Commonwealth match for ninth against Canada while Japan has to play Romania for 11th.