Game 32 (M): 10:00, KAZAKHSTAN 9 BRAZIL 7

Classification 13th & 14th

Quarters: 3-0, 1-3, 2-2, 3-2

Referees: Guy PINKER (RSA), Kazuhiko MAKITA (JPN)

Extra Man: KAZ: 3/7. BRA: 3/9

Pens: KAZ: 1/1

KAZAKHSTAN: Alexandr SHVEDOV, Sergey GUBAREV (2), Murat SHAKENOV, Roman PILIPENKO (2), Alexey PANFILI, Alexandr FENOCHKO, Alexandr AXENOV, Rustam UKUMANOV (1), Evgeniy ZHILYAVEV (3), Mikhail RUDAY (1), Ravil MANAFOV, Nikita KOKORIN, Alexey DEMCHENKO. Head Coach: Sergey DROZDOV.
BRAZIL: Marcelo CHAGAS, Emilio VIERIA (1), Henrique MIRANDA (1), Bernardo GOMES, Marcelo FRANCO (1), Gustavo GUIMARAES, Jonas CRIVELLA (1), Felipe SILVA (1), Bernardo ROCHO, Ruda FRANCO (1), Joao Felipe COELHO, Danilo CORREA, Vincius ANTONELLI. Head Coach: Goran SABLIC.

Kazakhstan moved one rung up the ladder from Rome two years ago while Brazil also did the same.  BrazilKazakhstan made its intentions known early with a clean first quarter, improving that to 4-0 before Brazil came into the game and narrowed it to one by halftime. RUDAY's opening goal was off a high rebound while GUBAREV scored on counter for the third.
UKUMANOV scored from five metres for 4-0 It was then Brazil's turn and awake with four goals pof its own — Crivella on extra; Ruda FRANCO from centre forward, MIRANDA on extra (4-3) at half-time) and SILVA with a five-metre shot to open the third period for 4-4. Kazakhstan scored the next two with PILIPENKO on extra and captain ZHILYAYEV from the penalty stripe. SILVA kept Brazil alive with an extra-man goal to close the third period with eight seconds remaining.Kazakhstan took the margin to three through ZHILYAYEV's third and GUBAREV's counter. VIERIA responded but when PILIPENKO delivered on extra at 1:42, the game was won and lost. Marcelo FRANCO brought some respectability with a counter-attack goal at 0:38.