Game 31 (M): 08:40, CHINA 9 SOUTH AFRICA 4

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Classification 15th & 16th

Quarters: 3-1, 2-2, 2-0, 2-1

Referees: Juan MENENDEZ (CUB), Roberto CABRAL (BRA)

Extra Man: CHN: 1/5. RSA: 1/8

CHINA: GE Weiqing, TAN Feihu (1), LIANG Zhongxing (1), YU Lijun (2), GUO Junliang, PAN Ning (1), LI Bin (2), WANG Yang, XIE Junmin (1), LI Li (1), ZHANG Zhufeng, DONG Tianyi, WU Honghui. Coach: CAI Tianxiong.
SOUTH AFRICA: Grant BELCHER, Pat McCARTHY, Jared WINGATE, Wesley BOHATA, Bevan MANSON, Jason KYTE (1), Gavin KYTE, Ryan BELL (2), Gareth SAMUEL, Donn STEWART (1), Adam KAJEE, Nicholas MOLYNEUX, Matthew KEMP. Head Coach: Brad ROWE.

China, who promised so much at these championships by pressing Australia and Romania for a large part of those encounters, finished 15th. China was sharper than South Africa and carried far more recent experience, which told in many facets of the game. The ability of China to take it up to the Europeans has been an eye-opener for some here. China had a strong opening quarter while BELL was the only dissident with a shot from six metres.XIE and PAN started the second quarter while Jason KYTE and BELL scored in the final two minutes for 5-3 at halftime. YU and LI Bin, on penalty, helped give China command of the third period. The final quarter also went China's way with LI Bin driving and lobbing KEMP for 8-3. The one bright spot for South Africa was KEMP's stop of a LIANG penalty attempt. KEMP went low left to smother the ball. TAN scored more than three minutes later. South Africa took a timeout at 1:12, gained an exclusion and STEWART fired in his team's fourth . China called an immediate timeout but lost the ball on attack giving South Africa the final attack. The shot was defended over the back and BELL had another shot, which was blocked and China had the game.