Game 37 (W): 15:20, GREECE 12 NETHERLANDS 10

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Group 1-8 Quarter-final

Quarters: 3-4, 5-1, 2-3, 2-2

Referees: Mario BRGULJAN (MNE), Alan BALFANBAYEV (KAZ) Extra Man:  GRE: 1/8. NED 4/13

Pens: GRE: 2/2

GREECE: Eleni KOUVDOU, Christina TSOUKALA (2), Antiopi MELIDONI, Ilektra Maria PSOUNI, Kyriaki LIOSI (1), Alkisti AVRAMIDOU (1), Alexandra ASIMAKI, Antigoni ROUMPESI (3), Angeliki GEROLYMOU (2), Triantafylla MANOLIOUDAKI (1), Stavroula ANTONAKOU (2), Georgia LARA, Eleni GOULA. Head Coach: Georgios MORFESIS.
NETHERLANDS: Ilse VAN DER MEIJDEN, Yasemin SMIT (1), Frederike CABOUT (2), Biurakn HAKHVERDIAN (1), Catharina VAN DER SLOOT, Nomi STOMPHORST, Iefke VAN BELKUM (3), Robbin REMERS (2), Jantien CABOUT, Nienke VERMEER (1), Lieke KLAASSEN, Simone KOOT, Anne HEINIS. Head Coach: Mauro MAUGERI.

GRE vs NED - credit: Russell McKinnon

Greece was the seasoned team with the recent experience and form and should rightfully be in the top four. The Dutch had different ideas with a 2-0 start but at 3-4 down by quarter time, the Greeks were poised to pounce. Three straight Greek goals to start the second quarter had them 6-4 ahead. SMIT replied for the Dutch with a bounce shot but that was the last for a while. GEOLYMOU notched up a penalty goal and one on extra in just over a minute and the game was 8-5 at halftime.
Captain LIOSI with a nice turn on the right post and AVRAMIDOU on extra had the game at 10-5. Just before AVRAMIDOU's strike, the Dutch had an excellent extra-man chance but the shot smashed into the crossbar from two metres! F Mieke CABOUT started the comeback with her and REMERS scoring on extra inside half a a minute. VAN BELKUM scored off the left- post position and it was 10-8 at the last break. ROUMPESI nailed a penalty goal at the start of the fourth for some breathing space. Greece called a timeout to no avail. CABOUT scored again on extra at 2:39. The clock ticked down into the last minute and the large Orange supporter base fell silent. ROUMPESI scored on extra at 0:56 and head coach MORFESIS called two timeouts for no score. The Dutch went on to attack and VAN BELKUM scored at 0:19 but it was past the time for celebration.
Greece, a non-medal winner at World Championship level, was again in the top four and a chance to do better than fourth in Rome two years ago.