Game 30 (M): 21:00, 3C JAPAN 6 2D GERMANY 8

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarter-final qualification

Quarters: 3-3, 0-1, 2-3, 1-1

Referees: Nenad PERIS (CRO), Roberto CABRAL (BRA)

Extra Man: JPN:  2/9. GER: 1/10

Pens:  JPN: 1/1. GER: 1/1

JAPAN: Katsuyuki TANAMURA, Kan AOYAGI, Koji TAKEI (1), Shota HAZUI, Mitsuaki SHIGA, Akira YANASE, Yisuke SHIMIZU (3), Atsushi NAGANUMA, Hiroki WAKAMATSU, Yoshinori SHIOTA (1), Keigo OKAWA, Satoshi NAGATA (1), Naoki SHIMIZU. Head Coach: Hideki TAKAGI.
GERMANY: Alexander TCHIGIR, Florian NAROSKA, Fabian SCHROEDTER, Julian REAL (2), Marko STAMM (3), Marc POLITZE (1), Erik BUKOWSKI, Paul SCHUELER, Tobias KREUZMANN (1), Moritz OELER (1), Andreas SCHLOTTERBECK, Dennis EIDNER, Roger KONG. Head Coach: Hagen STAMM.

Japan proved a tricky customer for Germany. Japan was trying to become the second non-European team to crash the quarter-finals alongside USA. It looked a chance right up until midway through the third period but then the German factor, boosted by the 150 German youth camp supporters behind the team bench in the second half, kicked in as Germany took a two-goal margin into the final quarter.  REAL and OELER, with his 11th goal, gave Germany a swift start with the clock not 100 seconds old. But SHIMIZU from centre forward and SHIOTA with a penalty goal, equalised. SHIMIZU collected his second at 1:43 to take the elad for Japan. POLITZE scored his penalty and the teams were level again. Both teams shut down the attacks in the second period after REAL took Germany ahead at 6:47. The third period is the money quarter and Japan opened on the first attack through NAGATA. STAMM replied and TAKEI levelled. KREUZMANN smashed one in from inside the five-metre mark at 2:53 and STAMM lobbed TANAMURA for 7-5 at 0:48. Germany was in control. SHIMIZU found himself free just outside the right post and on two metres to pull one goal back at 5:03. It was his 10th goal of the tournament. Germany took two timeouts with the crucial one at 0:38 on exclusion. Japan just had no luck on attack and turned the ball over and then had a man excluded in the final minute.  Germany slowly moved the ball and the excluded man returned but STAMM hadt he  water part in front of him and he scored from deep right for 8-6 at 0:11. Japan had a timeout but had no shot and was sent to play Australia in the 9-12 semifinals while Germany has the hardest task of all by playing Serbia in the quarter-finals.