Game 29 (M), 16:50, 2C CANADA 4 3D UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 17

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarter-final qualification

Quarters: 2-5, 0-6, 2-4, 0-2

Referees: Mihailo CIRIC (SRB), Radoslaw KORYZNA (POL)

Extra Man: CAN: 2/9. USA: 4/6

Pens: CAN: 0/2. USA: 1/2

CANADA: Robin RANDALL, Constantine KUDABA, Omar TOUNI (1), Nicolas CONSTANTIN-BICARI (1), Justin BOYD (1), Scott ROBINSON, John CONWAY, Kevin GRAHAM, Devon DIGGLE (2), Dusko DAKIC, Oliver VIKALO, Jared McELROY, Dusan ALEKSIC. Coach: Dragan JOVANOVIC.
UNITED STATES: Merrill MOSES, Peter VARELLAS (1), Peter HUDNUT (1), Jeff POWERS (3), Adam WRIGHT (1), Brian ALEXANDER (1), Layne BEAUBIEN, Tony AZEVEDO (1), Ryan BAILEY (3), Tim HUTTEN (3), Jesse SMITH (3), Shea BUCKNER, Andrew STEVENS. Coach: Terry SCHROEDER.

In the battle of the North Americans, it was all Team USA form the opening whistle. USA captain AZEVEDO may have missed the opening penalty attempt of the match but it didn’t matter. To the Canadians it mattered. This pair is gunning for Pan American success later in the year with the carrot being Olympic qualification. Now the USA could go on, replicate what it did in Beijing 2008 and gain silver. In Rome two years ago, USA was one off the medal dais. Fourth here could be enough for USA if already qualified Serbia finishes with a medal. Canada would then have to finish 1-2 at the Pan Americans to make the London cut. Tonight it was a USA benefit and it was a team hungry to dispense with any recollections of the opening two matches of this tournament, which it lost. It was time to produce and making the top eight was a good start. The penalty attempts were not kind to the shooters as GRAHAM and BOYD missed their attempts for Canada. It was only ALEXANDER who converted at 5-2 to close the first quarter. GRAHAM missed his when 2-0 behind; Boyd at 8-2 down midway through the second quarter. For the USA, SMITH scored three, including a buzzer-beater from nine metres for 12-3. HUTTEN scored a couple on extra and one from the outside to finish his team’s top scorer in Shanghai with eight goals. USA head coach SCHROEDER must have been happy with his team opening up and getting their shooting arms prepared for the coming matches.