Game 27 (M): 12:10, 2A MONTENEGRO 8 3B ROMANIA 4

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Quarter-final qualification

Quarters: 2-1, 1-2, 3-0, 2-1

Referees: Erhan TULGA (TUR), Mark KOGANOV (AZE)

Extra Man: MNE: 4/11. ROU: 1/9

MONTENEGRO: Denis SEFIK, Drasko BRGULJAN, Aleksandar RADOVIC, Damjan DANILOVIC (1), Nikola VUKCEVIC, Milan TICIC, Filip KLIKOVAC, Nikola JANOVIC (1), Aleksandar IVOVIC (1), Darko BRGULJAN (2), Antonio PETROVIC (1), Predrag JOKIC (2), Milos SCEPANOVIC. Coach: Petar POROBIC.
ROMANIA: Dragos STOENESCU, Cosmin RADU (2) Tiberiu NEGREAN, Nicolae DIACONU, Andrei IOSEP, Andrei BUSILA (1), Mihnea CHIOVEANU, Alexandru MATEI, Dimitri GOANTA, Ramiro GEORGESCU, Alexandru GHIBAN (1), Kalman KADAR, Mihai DRAGUSIN. Head Coach: Istvan KOVACS.

Montenegro did not want to make the same mistake twice. Montenegro went into the 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome as the European champion and emerged with ninth place. Romania finished seventh. The roles were reversed today and Montenegro maintained hopes of a medal shot while Romania, who emerged third from its group behind Serbia and Australia. The first half was tight as the score suggests. All three goals came from extra-man and IOSEP conveniently had his shot bounce at the chest of RADU who pushed in for 1-1. BUSILA cross-caged for 2-2 at 4:39 in the second period. JANOVIC cleverly threaded the ball left on the narrowest of angles from deep left on extra for 3-2. RADU equalised after a timeout ploy and after the exclusion period at 2:41 for his 12th goal of the tournament. DANILOVIC took it to 4-3 either side of Romanian shots that partially crossed the line. VUKCEVIC argued with the referees and was suspended. Darko BRGULJAN scored from the deep right. The best goal of the match and possibly the tournament came from PETROVIC, who found himself in the hole position on extra. The ball was passed directly down the line. He hesitated with the ball in the air and calmly pulled his right arm back behind him over his right shoulder, sending the ball wide of an unsuspecting goalkeeper. Montenegro went to the fourth period 6-3 ahead. JOKIC sent in an extra-man goal across the face of STOENESCU to start the fourth period. GHIBAN responded immediately on extra man. Darko BRGULJAN converted extra, finding himself wide open in the middle of the goal for 8-4 at 3:51, the final score of the game. Any hopes Romania had on qualifying for the Olympics will have to wait until next year.