Game 26 (M): 10:50, 4C BRAZIL 7 4D SOUTH AFRICA 4

Shanghai 2011 - Water Polo Games Reports

Semifinal 13-16

Quarters: 4-0, 0-1, 1-2, 2-1

Referees: Gyorgy JUHASZ (HUN), Natalya RUSTAMOVA (UZB)

Extra Man: BRA: 3/12. RSA: 0/5

BRAZIL: Marcelo CHAGAS, Emilio VIERIA, Henrique MIRANDA (1), Bernardo GOMES (1), Marcelo FRANCO (2), Gustavo GUIMARAES, Jonas CRIVELLA, Felipe SILVA, Bernardo ROCHA (1), Ruda FRANCO (1), Joao Felipe COELHO, Danilo CORREA (1), Vincius ANTONELLI. Head Coach: Goran SABLIC.
SOUTH AFRICA: Grant BELCHER, Pat McCARTHY, Jared WINGATE, Wesley BOHATA, Bevan MANSON (2), Jason KYTE (1), Gavin KYTE, Ryan BELL, Gareth SAMUEL, Donn STEWART, Adam KAJEE, Nicholas MOLYNEUX (1), Matthew KEMP. Head Coach: Brad ROWE.

Brazil won a lacklustre match to advance to the play-off for 12th place against Asian champion Kazakhstan. South Africa, who seemed to be missing in the first quarter with passes going close but players swimming past them, bounced back in the following quarters but could not find the net as often as required. The wood seemed to be a friend. South Africa, however, did manage to stem the flow in the second quarter after a Brazilian burst, which was commendable. KEMP prowled the cage like an African lion all game and in the third period stopped one of the biggest chances of the tournament. COELHO found himself with half the pool to himself after gaining an exclusion foul. The ball was fired down to him and he had the ball in hand. Just KEMP stood between him and immortality. He took his time but KEMP eyeballed him and deflected the shot sideways. Brazil failed to convert the rest of the extra period. Ruda FRANCO scored on extra for 5-1 a minute later but South Africa had the better of the rest of the period when MOLYNEUX bounced one in and MANSON scored a rare tip in from a cross pass on two metres, stopping the clock at 0:01. The resurgence was stymied when Marcelo FRANCO and GOMES scored identical goals on extra for a 7-3 lead at 2:26. Jason KYTE threw one in from six metres at 2:01 but no more goals came, despite both teams taking a timeout.